Will Illuvium Zero be Bigger than the Overworld?

Illuvium Zero has taken the community by storm. People have become addicted to the city builder and rightfully so. I’ve never seen a city builder game take over social media the way Illuvium Zero has. Every day I am seeing people posting updates of their plots. Most recently, we’ve seen a ton of Illuvial biodata being researched and blueprints being found. The Illuvium team is on to something here, but will Illuvium Zero be bigger than the Overworld

The Singularity Scanner in Illuvium Zero.
Used to scan for Biodata

Illuvium Zero Success

A few weeks into IZ we are starting to hear from the team. In yesterday’s Town Hall, Kieran and Aaron were asked about putting additional resources towards IZ given its early success. The brothers had a pretty good response. They basically said that yes they will back Illuvium Zero with more resources as it is by far the smallest team that they have. So the plan was already there to expand. However, given the interest in the game, we will now see additional resources and a larger focus on this area of Illuvium. 

Mobile Matters

Illuvials playing Illuvium Zero on cell phones and tablets.

This new found success has also had the team focusing on mobile. They will double their efforts in the mobile gaming area. This is a no brainer in my opinion as the reach with mobile far outpaces PC. 

The last piece they discussed on the matter was if there was any worry that Zero was outpacing the autobattler and Overworld gameplay. The answer to that was simple. No. They’re not worried because Illuvium Zero is new and garnering a lot of attention. Once the autobattler adds a PVP element it will gain in popularity. Once the Overworld has actual NFTs to be collected it will be game over. Adding that element will take the game over the top and provide real incentive to traverse the landscape in the hunt for Illuvials

Arlen in Moz4rt in Sanctum Mesa of the Illuvium Overworld.
Illuvium Overworld

Everyone will have their niche in the Illuvium suite of games. The gaming world is big enough for three titles. As long as gamers are playing Illuvium titles the Warwick brothers will be happy. With all 3 being thoroughly tested by thousands of players the Illuvium team has a fantastic opportunity to dissect the data and push the games forward. Illuvium Zero may be top dog today, but a simple patch update can and will take the Overworld and Autobattler to new heights. 

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