The logo for Wildfire affinity in Illuvium.

Illuvials with a Wildfire (Fire + Nature) affinity heal and empower their next attack on Omega by applying a 5 second DOT that can spread to a nearby enemy. With Wildfire synergy the DOT can spread multiple times. Wildfire units also gain 75 Health per Nature synergy and can deal 75 Energy Damage over duration per Fire synergy.

2 Wildfire Illuvials: Spread to 2 Max Units

3 Wildfire Illuvials: Spread to 3 Max Units

4 Wildfire Illuvials: Spread to 4 Max Units

Types of Illuvials that have the Wildfire affinity include Blazenite.

The Wildfire affinity cannot be combined to make other affinities.

Click Here for the Affinities List


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