Why Illuvium? Part 2: The Concept

The concept of Illuvium
The concept of Illuvium extends far beyond an autobattler, a land sale or even the open world. Illuvium is a brand (growing stronger every day). Illuvium is a team of 250 people working remotely across the globe. The Illuvium team is efficient, effective and delivers. Above all else, Illuvium is the future. This team, this AAA Web 3 studio is the future of gaming. Owning your assets. Fighting for Ethereum. The true Web 3 ethos. This is what every NFT project promises. This is what Illuvium has built from the ground up. What Illuvium has managed to build over the last 18 months is an incredible feat. To grow a team to this size this fast is unheard of. Moreover, Illuvium has managed to hire some of the top talent in the world. So how did they do it? It’s simple really. In true Web 3 fashion they gave the power to their employees. You reap what you sow at Illuvium and many are keen to claim their stake. The best example of this can be found on their careers page in the “About Illuvium” portion of each job posting. Here’s an excerpt: “We have developed a strong culture of independence with our team, preferring candidates who can articulate their vision and goals. We operate almost entirely remotely, so each team member designs their hours and work schedule. In the end, all that matters is the delivered product.”
The perks of working at Illuvium
You create your own hours, design your schedule however you like and deliver on your own terms in your own home. This is the secret sauce that has hundreds leaving big time players in the gaming space and signing on with Illuvium. That level of freedom is rare. The company puts trust in you from Day 1 and this model is clearly working. Another unique part of Illuvium is the concept that many employees are tied directly into the success of Illuvium through the ILV token. As token holders, they are directly incentivized to do their best. There is no need for a boss to push you to get work done. Your success depends on producing a great game. So where do we stand so far? The team makes their own schedule, works wherever they want to, and is incentivized by a token that is at the core of every part of the Illuvium eco-system. This is a recipe for success at all levels. Gone are the days of top executives reaping the benefits and bonuses of a job well done. At Illuvium, everyone gets a piece of the pie.
What is Illuvium?
So the team is in good hands, but still what is Illuvium? Illuvium is a major player in this new to play and earn gaming space. In the Web 3 world, they are 5–7 years ahead of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. The big players will arrive eventually, but when they do Illuvium will already be the Pokémon brand that they set out to become. Illuvium is the first AAA Web 3 gaming studio and they have a healthy lead on everyone else. The Open World, Illuvium: Zero and the Autobattler are just the beginning.
Building a brand
The brand specific gaming that Illuvium has positioned themselves to build is limitless. With each new title they create the brand will grow stronger. With each esports tournament with massive prize money, the brand will grow stronger. An Atlas that you caught in 2022 Open World could be sold to someone in 2030 for an upcoming cart racing game. This brand is on the fast track to rival Super Mario Bros, Pokémon etc and for the first time ever you can bring your most prized possessions from game to game. This is the concept that Illuvium has built out and this is the first Web 3 project actually delivering on their utility claims in a major way. The Fight for Eth is about to begin Anon. Are you ready?
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Title scene of Illuvium. Atlas is looking out over the vast world of Illuvium.
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