What’s Coming Next for Illuvium?

We have hit a bit of a quiet period as the Illuvium team has their heads down building. As such there is no better time to take a look at what is coming next. The order of events was leaked in Aaron’s latest monthly Dev blog and I’m going to go through each part one by one. 

Private Beta 2

Illuvials fighting in the autobattler for Illuvium.

The next update to drop is Private Beta 2. This is coming soon, but does not have a definite launch date yet. In this update we will see a completely new survival mode with new Illuvials that may bring us up to 100 to choose from. We are also about to see more players added to the Private Beta. This will bring the total number of players up to 25,000. There will be a lot of new aspects of Survival Mode in PB2. There’s even been whispers of being able to pick up at certain waves a few times each day thus saving gamers time if they’re stuck on a certain wave. It remains to be seen exactly what the updates will entail, but there are exciting times ahead for the autobattler. 


An Illuvitar promo image for Illuvium.

Once PB2 has launched the focus will shift to Illuvitars. The current epoch is hammering out the final details on pricing as I write this and all of that should be announced soon. Maybe even this week?! In any case Illuvitars will be here before we know it. The marketing machine has been turned on and the Illuvitars website is live. As Max from Illuvium said in his article here, all indications point to the sale happening very soon. 


Arlen going up stairs in the overworld of Illuvium.

After the Illuvitars sale ends we will need a place to sport our newly minted avatars. This is where the Overworld comes in! The next update following Survival Mode will include the Overworld. Early indications are that this would include Sanctum Mesa, Brightland Steppes and Crimson Waste. This is a great starting off point to give people a feel for the game. If you haven’t already, make sure to watch the Overworld video that Grant Warwick leaked. It’s 8 minutes of awesomeness. 

Illuvium Zero Alpha

The Crimson Waste region of Illuvium Zero.

Lastly, we have Illuvium Zero Alpha launching. The Land Sale was a wild success raising $72 million and now people will be able to build out their cities for the first time. There were rumblings in discord that Johnny from the Illuvium team will have some updates on IZ in the coming days. Johnny has been the mastermind behind the city builder game so anything he thinks worthy of an announcement must be big. In any case, this will be the last part to be released in this string of updates so we are most likely still a few months away. However, I have heard that the team has been testing Illuvium Zero for a few months now so I do believe they are pretty far along and the artwork upgrade has been the bulk of the delay. 

Getting Closer

All is quiet at the moment, but we are right around the corner from some major project milestones being hit. Illuvium is on the cusp of taking over Web 3 in a major way. The upcoming launches are super exciting for the team and everyone in the community. We are about to enter a AAA blockchain gaming world that has never been seen before and this will be an entirely new experience for everyone who chooses to play. The future is hurtling towards us, play to own gaming is here. Get your wallet ready anon, the blockchain is coming!

Thank You

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