What is Illuvium?

What is Illuvium? Many see Illuvium as a game that will rival Pokémon in Web 3. This is true to an extent, but that is just one aspect of Illuvium. In its simplest form, Illuvium is a gaming studio. What they create will go far beyond the Overworld gameplay of catching Illuvials. The possibilities are endless. 

The Team

Illuvials posing as a group from the game Illuvium.

Illuvium has a team of over 200 people working on their suite of games every day. This team far outpaces the number of people hired internally for any other crypto native project I have come across. While most projects prefer to outsource their workload, because it is easier than hiring from zero, Illuvium has chosen the more difficult path. Not only have they hired on that big of a scope internally, but they’ve incentivized the team through their native token, ILV. The project is closing in on two years now and with a highly motivated team of 200 plus doing inspired work every day. It appears that Illuvium has staying power. Simply put, the project makes sense and the deeper you dive in the more things start to add up. 

The Studio

Illuvium is a studio of creators living all over the world and working remotely. On top of that, they have a physical office in Australia that is continuing to be built out as we speak. After seeing countless interviews and leaks I believe this studio is capable of creating anything they put their minds to. So far they have created an Autobattler to rival Team Fight Tactics. They have an Overworld that is getting further and further along every day. Lastly, they have a city builder game in Illuvium: Zero that is on the cusp of an Alpha release itself. To pull those all together, they are also working on a profile picture and collectible aspect of the project called Illuvitars. This may seem like a lot, but it is only the beginning. The progress made in under two years has been impressive. This team is building at a pace not normally seen in gaming. They are building in under 3 years what normal studios take 5 years to build out. Remember, less than 2 years ago Illuvium was not even a company. Look how far we’ve come. 

AAA Design

Arlen going up stairs in the Overworld of the game Illuvium.

Through all of the ambition the goal has remained the same. Illuvium will be AAA in every way. Illuvium cofounder Grant has made it very clear that he won’t settle for less. For example, the team has completely revamped the Illuvium: Zero design and man what a difference. 

The Halcyon Sea region of Illuvium: Zero.

The Overworld is breathtaking as well. The suite of assets that Illuvium has built is next level. All AAA and available for use in any other game they create moving forward. 

Current State

So where are we now? The team is focusing on 4 main areas of the game. The autobattler private beta 2 will be out soon. We also have heard rumblings that the Illuvium: Zero alpha will be out in September. Illuvitars has been delayed, as voted on by the community, to include albums. Lastly, the Overworld. We will hopefully see the first version of that starting with three regions including Crimson Waste, Abyssal Basin and Brightland Steppes before years end. All the while we have the ILV token sitting right around $100. This is the current state of Illuvium the gaming studio. We are still so early, but look how far we’ve come. 

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