What are Illuvitars?

I’ve seen a lot of people asking what are Illuvitars? So I am here to help answer that question. Illuvitars are the in game avatar for the blockchain game Illuvium. They are the profile picture that players use as they traverse the Illuvium eco-system. Moreover, they can be used outside of Illuvium on different social media platforms. There are billions of combinations that can be created and each one is a unique NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain and able to be sold on the Layer 2 platform Immutable X. Each player has the opportunity to build their own Illuvitar brand. 

What are Illuvitars? They are profile picture for the blockchain game Illuvium. This is an Axodon Illuvitar.
Axodon Illuvitar

More than just a PFP

Illuvitars are more than just a profile picture. Blockchain technology allows these NFTs to be bought and sold digitally. This means that there is a collectible aspect to Illuvitars as well. Could series 1 fetch a price similar to first edition Pokémon cards one day? Only time will tell, but it’s a fun concept to think about. 

What are Illuvitars? They are profile picture for the blockchain game Illuvium. This is a Seeforus Illuvitar.
Seeforus Illuvitar

Future of gaming avatars

So what are Illuvitars? They are the future of gaming avatars. We are on the forefront of a new digital age. Illuvium is paving the way as the first AAA gaming studio in the space and Illuvitars will be the face of this innovative brand. Furthermore, I believe these fun little characters will become household names in the same way that Pokémon took the world by storm in the 1990’s. As we dive further into the blockchain age with play to earn gaming we will see more people shift from traditional gaming. The idea of owning your assets and earning money from playing a game is far too compelling for gamers not to consider it. As that shift is made, Illuvitars will be there to help usher people in to the world of Illuvium.

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