What are Illuvials?

What are Illuvials? They are the creatures found in the blockchain game Illuvium. Every time an Illuvial is captured in the game, an NFT is minted to the blockchain for that specific Illuvial. Each Illuvial is unique with its own stats and abilities. Some are stronger than others and better suited for battle. Others may have special features like an ultra rare holographic skin. Regardless of stats, it is likely that a holographic or dark Illuvial will command a higher value in the IlluviDex. 

The Illuvial Grokko from the game Illuvium.


The IlluviDex is the in game marketplace where you can buy and sell Illuvials. This is the power of Web 3. Each monster captured can be bought or sold with ease thus creating a play and earn aspect to the game. In 2022, Illuvium is breaking from the mold and setting out on a new path where gamers will actually own their in game items. Gamers will own their Illuvials. 

A variety of Illuvials come together for a photo in the game Illuvium.

Deflationary Aspect

There is also a deflationary aspect to owning Illuvials. In order to evolve these creatures one must fuse 3 of them together. In the example below, the Illuvium team demonstrates fusing 3 Axon’s to evolve Axon into Axodon. This is a really cool aspect of the game and means that you would need to fuse 9 Atlas to get 3 Axon and ultimately 1 Axodon. Moreover, once the first series is over, there will be no more Atlas, Axon or Axodon to be caught in the wild. As a result, a classic supply and demand battle will inevitably unfold on the IlluviDex for years to come. 

3 Axon cards are fused together in the game Illuvium.
Axon being fused to create Axodon

Future of gaming

So what are Illuvials? Well, they are the future of gaming. Inspired by the classic Pokémon that we all know and love, these beautiful creatures are ready to grab the baton and take collectible gaming to the next level. We will of course want to catch them all. Only this time each collection is publicly shown on the blockchain for the world to see. Every Illuvial is truly owned by the player who captures them and everyone will know the legendary gamer who catches them all. The only question remaining? Who will be Illuvium’s first Illuvial master?

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