Tier 0 Illuvials: An Inside Look

One aspect of Illuvium that isn’t talked about enough is the free to play version. This part of the game is seen as a way to onboard new users and from what I can see it most certainly will do that. Moreover, what the team is building for free looks better than most other projects out there. The team has put a lot of thought and care into this portion of the game and it shows. Let’s take a look at the Illuvials that will be free to capture, known as Tier 0. 


Five Doka's in fighting stance on the Illuvium autobattler board. These are Tier 0 Illuvials.

Doka is a fan and team favorite. This fighter type has become the face of Illuvitars via the trailer release video and is coming soon the autobattler. The attention to detail for this Illuvial is incredible and Doka’s personality really shines through in the artwork. 


Tier 0 Illuvial Fliish from the game Illuvium.

Fliish is a fun loving lizard, no other way to put it. This Illuvial seems aloof at times, but has one of the coolest tongues out there. I can’t imagine you’ll be winning too many battles with this guy leading the charge, but from an aesthetics standpoint he will be a favorite of many. Fliish is a psion Illuvial. 


Tier 0 Illuvial Atippo from the game Illuvium.

Atippo is a very interesting Illuvial. No other Illuvial has such a pronounced forehead. This creature seemingly gets all of its power from the top of its head and I would imagine that area can do quite a bit of damage. Once again this is an Illuvial that the team has put a lot of time into and it shows. It’s impressive for what is seen as a Tier 0. Atippo is an empath Illuvial. 


Tier 0 Illuvial Grokko from the game Illuvium.

Grokko is hilarious. The big pot belly going right into its face makes this Illuvial look like Jabba the Hut. It also reminds me of Goron from Zelda. I wonder if the team used either of these for inspiration. In any case, once again we have top notch artwork. I can’t stress enough how good the team is making the free to play Illuvials look. Grokko is a bulwark Illuvial. 


Tier 0 Illuvial Volante from the game Illuvium.

Volante may be an homage to the Ethlizard community. This pfp project was seemingly born from the Illuvium discord and has become quite successful. I think the lizard Illuvial is a nod to that project and it’s really cool to see it as part of the free version of the game. I love the different colors here, especially the orange and blue version. Once again, well done by the team. Volante is a rogue Illuvial. 

AAA all the way

So there you have it. Even the Tier 0 Illuvials are top notch. The free to play version of this game is going to be just as epic as the rest. I feel good about onboarding millions of people with this type of introduction. Illuvium truly is going above and beyond to make this the best game it can be. As more and more leaks start to come out, I can confidently say the wait for each part of this game will be worth it. 

Tier 0 has shown us the level of care that the team is taking and don’t forget that each of these illuvials will come in all 5 types: Air, Earth, Fire, Nature and Water. That’s 5 really cool versions of the same Illuvial. The Illuvium universe is continuing to be built out daily right before our eyes and I will continue to be here to bring you all the action.

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