These New Illuvium Emotes Are Epic

One of my sneaky favorite parts of Illuvium is the emotes. In the most recent Illuvium Showcase we got a look at some of the new emotes the team has produced and they are clean! These emotes will be used in game during battles and add another layer to the social aspect of Illuvium. Let’s take a look at these creative works of art.


Silly Atippo emote.
Questioning Atippo emote.
Sad Atippo emote.
Worried Atippo emote.

All of these emotes are from the Tier 0 Illuvials. These will be the free to play Illuvials that help onboard new players to the Illuvium eco-system. You will be able to catch these Illuvials on Day 1 and not even realize they are going into a crypto wallet. Everything will happen seamlessly on the back end. After catching a few, you will get a notification that you can set up a wallet and keep these newly caught Illuvials. At that point, you’ll be familiar with the game and have a choice to make in order to continue. This is a genius way of onboarding non crypto players. Nobody wants to be bombarded with the complexity of crypto and Illuvium is making the user experience as easy and fun as possible.


Staring Doka emote.
Boxing Doka emote.
High kick Doka emote.
Karate Doka emote.

I can honestly say these emotes are better than most NFT projects out there. This team is always going above and beyond.


Idea Fliish emote.
Angry Fliish emote.
Baseball Fliish emote.
Dead Fliish emote.


Inquisitive Grokko emote.
Angry Grokko emote.
Exploding Grokko emote.


In love Volante emote.
Smoking Volante emote
Strong Volante emote
Confused Volante emote.

The team also plans to release emote packs around certain holidays. The hearts Volante above would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or a rumored Illuvium title called Hearts Ablaze.

If you enjoyed these leaks check out the full episode of the Illuvium Showcase with Andrew and Grant below!

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