These Illuvial Upgrades are Mind Blowing

Just when you think the Illuvium artwork can’t get any better, the team starts dropping even more polished versions of the Illuvials. It’s honestly amazing how pristine these Illuvial upgrades look. Every little hair on this Kukkulus is groomed perfectly. You just don’t see this level of detail in gaming. 

The Illuvial Goliant.

Goliant got a full revamp as well. It’s incredible. It seems that the leaks will keep coming as well. I really hope the team puts together a coffee table book with all the originals. 

The Illuvial Kukkaraph.

We were lucky enough to get some animation as well tweeted out by Grant: 


Atlas, Axodon and Ador in all of their fully rendered glory. Illuvium’s senior art director Dmitriy also shared some animations as well: 


I can’t wait to see what comes next. Each Illuvial will get this treatment. When you put it all together with the beautiful visuals and audio to match, these Illuvials really come to life. This is the Illuvium difference. To really truly appreciate the work that has been done you need to look at the zoom! 

Zoomed in Kukkulus.
Zoomed in Kukkulus.
Zoomed in Kukkulus.
Zoomed in Kukkaraph.
Zoomed in Kukkaraph.
Zoomed in Kukkaraph.
Zoomed in Kukkaraph.

This has never been done before. Movie quality work is coming to gaming and it’s happening on the blockchain. The future is Illuvium. 

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