The Long Term Value of Illuvitar D1sks

Every so often an opportunity arises to be early and make an extreme amount of profit for very little risk. This requires being at the right place at the right time with the available funds to do so. It also requires patience and conviction. Enter Illuvitar D1sks.


A bitcoin with a blue background.

Early bitcoiners who bought for let’s say $1 in 2010 checked off the first two boxes. They had an interest in the technology and the know how to actually mine or purchase bitcoin in those early days. The majority either lost their coins or sold for profit at 10x, 20x etc, but those with patience and conviction? Well they became wildly rich. 

Bringing all four pieces of the puzzle together is extremely difficult as many factors come into play during the investment time period. In hindsight it seems obvious to hold bitcoin over the last ten years, but in real time it was extremely difficult. You needed unwavering conviction in this new digital asset and a decades worth of patience to reach the eye popping numbers we see today. Less than 1% of the original bitcoiners had what it takes to simply stay the course. 

Pokémon Cards

A first edition Charizard pokemon card.

Another instance where this has played out is Pokémon cards. The fans who bought in the 1990’s and held until today have very sought after items. Moreover, if you had unwavering conviction and actually never opened your packs of cards you’d be sitting on a gold mine. Few had this level of foresight and patience. And yet, a pack of cards that cost $6 in 1998 can be found today on eBay for upwards of $5000. Low risk, major patience and conviction, high reward. 

Illuvium D1sks

Arlen standing at a machine in the world of Illuvium.

This leads us to today. Anyone reading this article right now has checked the first two boxes. We are in the right time and right place specifically for the first ever Illuvitar sale. This sale will include 2 types of D1sks Basic and Ultra. A basic D1sk will cost roughly $25 and an Ultra about $120 at today’s Ethereum prices. Illuvium is trying to become the Pokémon of the digital age. They are quite literally building the future. 

Will we have the conviction and patience to see this through? That’s the million dollar question. Undoubtedly d1sks will be bought and opened. That’s what they are for. How many will be bought? How many will be unopened after 1 year? These are the Illuvium equivalent of 1st edition Pokémon packs. On top of that, we know for a fact the almighty Rhamphyre will be in these packs. The Illuvium team has planned this out carefully. 

After 5 years how many unopened d1sks will remain? Will Illuvium be a thriving game studio or fizzle out like so many blockchain ventures before it? Ten years from now what will this crypto space look like? In 2032, how many unopened Illuvitar d1sks from that first sale will there be? 

These are the questions we don’t know. What we do know is we are here now with an opportunity in front of us that 99.9% of the world will miss completely. We are so early that crypto regulation hasn’t even happened yet. You can’t go into a store a buy this first wave of Illuvitar d1sks. I do think that day will come and the average consumer will have that opportunity. However, this first drop will require a crypto knowledge that hasn’t gone mainstream. Moreover, this drop is happening during a bear market when people are more hesitant than ever to dive deeper into this space. Conviction is at an all time low. 

If the sale is 3 days, how many d1sks will sell? We saw 20,000 land plots sell over 3 days. We have about 25,000 people playing the autobattler. Illuvium has over 200k in discord and 300k on Twitter. Their email subscriber list is over a million. So where does that leave us? 

There are so many question marks and that is the risk of being early. That is what tests your patience and conviction. We just don’t know. What we do know is this: We are early, we are here and Illuvium is coming. Historically, less than 1% of people in this situation ride it out for ten years. If correct and Illuvium is the next big game, that 1% will be massively rewarded. Do with that what you will. 

Thank You

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Everything I write is purely my opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

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