The Illuvium Overworld is Here

Illuvium has done it. They truly have delivered here in a way that no other project in the NFT space has. In a world of overpromising and under delivering, Illuvium has broken away from the mold. This is seminal moment in the blockchain gaming space and today Illuvium stands alone. While most projects were making a quick buck in the bull market, Illuvium was quietly building out 3 triple A games. Well, it is time to harvest the fruits of their labor. Their patience and restraint in the craze of crypto is about to pay off in a major way. Illuvium may just be in a league of their own. Light years ahead of their competitors. Without further ado, The Illuvium Overworld:

It’s simply amazing. We are 2 years from the original concept being thought out by the Warwick brothers and we have a working game with movie theater quality. I mean look at this capture sequence! 

Time and time again I’ve been promised the world in this space and completely let down. NFT enthusiasts know this pain. Illuvium, however, is different. They are real and they have staying power. This truly is the Pokémon of Gen Z. Illuvium Overworld will bring mass adoption into blockchain gaming and they may be the only game doing so for the next five years. Gamers are skeptical and for good reason. This space is not for the faint of heart. There are very few projects that can be trusted. I’ve seen countless projects come and go. Rug pull after rug pull. After 2 years in the space, Illuvium is it. They are legitimately the only project I trust. Once I dove into Illuvium there was no going back. 

11k Viewers Live on Twitch

And shout out to Brycent for putting this on for the Illuvium community. Real recognize real, simple as that. 11k viewers on Twitch watched this debut live on Brycent’s stream with Kieran. If you’re out in the Web 3 world looking for a project, look no further than Illuvium. They are literally five years ahead of everyone else and the proof is right in front of us. This is the future of gaming and 99% of the world hasn’t realized it yet. We are so early. Illuvium has and will continue to revolutionize gaming. Everyone else will be trying to catch up. 

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