The Blueprint Strategy

The Illuvium Land Sale begins

The day is finally here! Today kicks off the Illuvium Land Sale and as such there is a lot of anticipation to see how it all unfolds. As we get underway, I wanted to take some time to discuss a main feature  and strategy in Illuvium Zero, blueprints.

Blueprints are an important aspect of the IZ eco-system and will provide a unique revenue generating opportunity for those lucky enough to come across them. These NFTs will give you access to metadata capable of minting specific skins for things like weapons and armor. Imagine having the only Atlas blueprint and creating a monopoly on Atlas armor? You set the price and supply. You’re in full control. This could be huge.

So what is the best strategy for the Land Sale when thinking about blueprint optimization? There are a few facts to consider.

Rarity of Illuvials in each region

Each region has specific types of Illuvials that are common and others that are rare. If you are trying to become a blueprint baron then diversifying your land regions may be important. However, targeting a specific fan favorite, like Atlas, may prove beneficial as well. In this case, you would want to load up on Land in Halcyon Sea and Abyssal Basin as there is a high chance of finding water Illuvials in these regions. Here is a full breakdown of the types of Illuvials common to each region:

A excel table showing the rarities of Illuvials in each region of Illuvium.

The next aspect to remember is that all tiers have the same chance of finding a blueprint. There is no benefit to holding a Tier 4 land vs Tier 1 when searching for blueprints. So if your strategy involves opening a blueprint shop then it would make a lot of sense to buy as many tier 1 plots as possible to maximize the number of research centers you have. More research means more chances to find a blueprint. The downside to this is Tier 1 lands produce less fuel. With this strategy you would essentially be going all in on blueprints. This is a gambler’s strategy compared to the steady income that fuel will generate. It also could result in less frequent research attempts as you have less fuel to do so. It’s quite a conundrum.

Ultimate blueprint strategy

So what is the ultimate blueprint strategy? I think in this instance specialization is key. In these early stages, focus on one area and maximizing the chances of getting one blueprint. If lucky enough to acquire one, use that blueprint to produce income, buy more land and build your blueprint inventory. Also, be on the lookout for blueprints being sold on the secondary market. The snow ball effect will quickly take over here and being this early to the project gives you a leg up.

Pinpoint a type of Illuvial you want blueprints for. Think about what is popular like Atlas. Focus your attention on regions Atlas is found. When looking at tiers, look for the best deal. You can try for more tier 1’s and sacrifice fuel generation or if a tier 3 is sitting there at a great price then that may be the best strategy. Take what the open market gives you and don’t overpay. Use the first blueprint to generate income and acquire more land. Over the long term, this will be the strategy that wins out. Slow and steady. It won’t happen overnight, but even 1 plot could be all you need to become a blueprint tycoon.

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