Streaming the Best of Illuvium: Catch Up & Hang out live in Chat

Recapping Last Week’s Streams:

Last week was an exciting time as always with everyone in the chat. The streams were filled with lots of Illuvium talk and other unrelated but enjoyable topics.
Just chatting until PvP-> PvP Wen?!.^^

I had a great time talking to and hanging out with everyone.
Additionally, progress in the Overworld was made, with the catch of a few more Adors and the first Titanor. I was also pleasantly surprised with the increase of extra Rhamphys and Phyri‘s.

Non complete, but close

Along with the Illuvium gameplay, I checked out various Illuvium content from the Discord and Youtube. This included some hilarious content like Jimberino’s Tier List, as well as educational and informative content like the latest Aaron interview by Scoriox.

Stream Schedule for This Week:

This week, I’ll be streaming on Friday and Saturday at 7pm CET/1pm ET. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the chat and having a great time as always.

To Be Expected Content:

This week, I’ll be focusing on Overworld Runs and chatting with everyone in the chat as usual in the casual start of stream kinda way.
After using up the daily Overworld content I’ll be doing live recordings of my upcomming Youtube videos, answering questions and interacting with the chat afterwards.
This could potentially turn into extra videos for my Youtube channel in the form of Ask Me Anything (AmA) sessions or similar.

What will these Youtube Videos be about?

For those videos I’ll be covering hot topics like the Illuvitar Sale, Illuvium Beyond, and also evergreen content ideas like replayability in games, esport, marketing, monetization, and more. I have delayed my promised Youtube content as I want to include uncut previews/video creation into livestreams so things aren´t youtube exclusive.
Releases to youtube will start shortly after having built enough pre-recorded evergreen content to maintain constant uploads.

More non-Video Content to come as well!

Furthermore, I’ll be working to bring out various different guide content pieces on various private channels. I may even collaborate with 3rd party publishers in the future for such, currently ironing out these.

I am looking forward to everyone hanging out in our future streams and continuing to have a great time together.

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