Stars Aligning for Illuvium with Polemos Partnership

As we edge closer to the next phase of Illuvium, a strategic partnership has been struck that looks to be very beneficial for both sides. Illuvium and Polemos have joined forces. Two projects on the verge of launch have come together to help each other grow and the timing couldn’t be better. 


Polemos has roots in Illuvium. Two of their employees were Lead Moderators for Illuvium. Moreover, Illuvium and Polemos have successfully worked together on giveaways in the past and Illuvium co-founder Kieran is a trusted advisor to the Polemos team. 

Now that’s all well and good, but what can Polemos provide to Illuvium? How does Illuvium benefit from this partnership? The first major way is through the Polemos network of gamers and that involves a company called AsianLogic. 


Here is the background on AsianLogic as shown in their Instagram bio: “AsianLogic is the largest licensed land-based sports betting operation in the Philippines with over 80 outlets nationwide.” Also, on their website we can see they have over 2000 employees worldwide. This looks like a direct play on the play and earn gamers that the Philippines is known for. Axie Infinity currently has the market cornered on yield farming, but there days may be numbered. In the article released on Polemos medium channel, it appears their attack to gain users will be trifold: 

1. Using AsianLogic’s 2000+ employees

2. A community led network sourced through discord and its recruitment programs (Polemos has their own discord of about 12000 at the time of this writing)

3. A team of elite gamers drawn from other popular games. 

Ok so let’s break those down. Step one is easy, use your own employees. Check. Step two is a bit more difficult in growing a discord group organically, but it appears to be happening with 12000 so far in the Polemos discord. Step 3 remains to be seen. Overall, I am okay with this approach and frankly just happy to see a plan in place. I think this could be a major boost to the early days of the Illuvium ecosystem if executed efficiently. 

Polemos University

So we have a yield farmer strategy, but what else can Polemos offer? Polemos believes they have the platform to teach gamers about Web 3. Polemos University is being rolled out soon and will be focused specifically on teaching people about Illuvium and Web 3. This has a lot of potential. Educating people about crypto and Web 3 is a major battle. People are happy to stay with the games they currently play. Moreover, asking them to break from the traditional mold and join Web 3 is a monumental task. If Polemos U can provide that for Illuvium then this deal is a massive win. However, that will remain to be seen as the launch of Polemos U will coincide directly with Illuvium’s launch. 

Build, build, build 

Illuvium is continuing to build out partnerships in anticipation of their launch. The project has a fantastic relationship with the Layer 2 exchange Immutable X. They have added Polemos and subsequently AsianLogic to the fold. They plan to work with GameStop in some capacity. Most importantly, they have an in house marketing team willing and able to promote Illuvium to the masses as new pieces of the game roll out.

We already saw the success of the Land Sale to the tune of $72 million. Next up we will have Illuvitars. I am confident Illuvium will have the pieces in place to take over the play and earn space when the full game launches. The partnerships they make now are critical to future success in many ways. It’s great to see the team focused on this area of growth amidst everything else they are working on. This Polemos partnership has the potential to be a massive win for Illuvium and it’s definitely a shot worth taking. 

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