Shardbluff Labyrinth: Block Out vs Set Dressed

Shardbluff Labyrinth is a uniquely beautiful region. Shrouded in a dark mystique, this region appears unforgiving and full of terrors. Home to Rhamphyre, one can imagine the treachery. My aim here, however, is not to dive into the dangers of Shardbluff. Rather, I would like to highlight the progress the Illuvium team has made and showcase the beauty that is Shardbluff Labyrinth.

The Heittur area of Shardbluff Labyrinth.

The block out of Shardbluff reminds me a lot of the lava levels of Super Mario 64. The set dressed version is something I have never seen before. Illuvium is bringing gaming to a new level in multiple ways and the design aspect of that transition is on full display here.

The northeastern Heittur area of Shardbluff Labyrinth.

The bottom portion of these photos is not the finished product you will see in game. This is an art concept for the area, but this team has a knack for creating very close versions of the original vision.

The central Heittur area of Shardbluff Labyrinth.

Look at the attention to detail and sparks of lava in the air. Traversing this landscape will be quite the experience. Imagine what Illuvials would call this fiery region home.

The central Heittur area of Shardbluff Labyrinth.

You won’t find another project like this. There isn’t another team of this caliber. I would put Illuvium against anyone both traditional and web 3.

The southern Heittur area of Shardbluff Labyrinth.

I hope you enjoy the wonder and beauty of these leaks. Soon we will all be able to experience this incredible design in game. Until then, I will be constantly showcasing the progress of these wonderous regions.

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