Rhamphy’s Tips & Tricks: Soka’s Shortcut

I’m rolling out a new series with the best tips and tricks for Illuvium gameplay. This will be a running theme as I encounter new ways to make your life easier in all areas of Illuvium. We start the series off with one of my favorite shortcuts I’ve found in the Overworld today. I call it Soka’s Shortcut. This shortcut is the quickest way that I have found to get from the Crimson Waste Obelisk to Soka’s Garden. Take a look at how it’s done: 

Finding Soka’s Garden

Immediately after passing the Soka’s Garden sign you take a hard right. From there you wind through a maze of rock before finally popping out to breathtaking views of Soka’s Gardan. This oasis is one of my favorite spots to mine resources and catch Illuvials. I once saw 3 Illuvial orbs in one frame when looking out over this vast canyon. It’s a spot I always travel to on my Overworld runs and finding the most efficient way to travel there is a game changer. 

I hope this helps you on your journey through the Illuvium Overworld. I’ll see you out there Rangers!

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