The Revenant symbol in Illuvium.

On Takedown Revenant (Empath + Rogue) Units Shield Allies.

2 Revenant Illuvials: 200 Shield for 5 seconds
3 Revenant Illuvials: 275 Shield for 5 seconds
4 Revenant Illuvials: 350 Shield for 5 seconds

Innate Bonus: At the start of Combat, Revenant Units blink to the opposite side of the board and decrease the Attack Speed of enemies within 25 hexes by 20% for 5 seconds. Revenant Units gain Critical Chance and on Takedown give Critical Amp to the nearest Ally.

Composite Bonus: 4% Critical Chance per Rogue synergy. 4% Critical Amp per Empath synergy.

Types of Illuvials that are in the Revenant class include Verminio and Vermilliare.

The Revenant class cannot be combined to make other classes.

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