Reliving the Best Moments of Last Week

Greetings Illuvium fans! It’s time to gear up for another week of gaming excitement. My stream schedule is all set, and I’ll be live streaming on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 10 PM CET, 8 AM AEDT, and 4 PM EST.

Last week’s streams were filled with laughs, surprises, and of course, plenty of Illuvium gameplay. We started off by talking about Illuvium Zero and went on to have some funny moments due to lack of sleep in the Overworld. Despite a rough start, we had some surprisingly good Overworld runs.

If only every day could be like this

As I was streaming, I had a new content idea that I wanted to share with all of you. Going forward, I will be watching other Illuvium content creators’ videos together with the viewers and talk about my thoughts on the topics. I’m excited to bring a fresh perspective to the Illuvium community.

This week’s streams will be all about Overworld Runs as I continue my journey to finish my collection. It’s been a difficult task, as I haven’t found any Adors in weeks. But I won’t let that stop me from having fun. In addition to playing, I’ll also be keeping up with the latest Illuvium news and content on YouTube, social media, and Discord to broaden the “React”-Content. I might even theorycraft on what’s to come and share some cool content with everyone watching live.

current Illuvial Locker

And, there’s more exciting news to share! I’m thrilled to announce that I will soon be starting a new YouTube series focused on short, podcasty episodes that delve into some of my thesis for games and the gaming industry. This series will be educational, drawing on my experiences in esports and content creation. I can’t wait to share my insights and knowledge with all of you.

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