Pokémon vs Illuvium

Illuvials gathered together from the game Illuvium.
Today I wanted to take a closer look at Pokémon and how they compare to the art we see in Illuvium. Pokémon was a big inspiration for Illuvium and I believe the team has done a wonderful job capturing the “IT” factor, that Pokémon has always had, in their illuvials. Many have tried (and failed) to become the next Pokémon. So far I think Illuvium has nailed it. Let’s take a look:
The pokemon Squirtle.
The Illuvial Atlas.
We start with two fan favorites. Squirtle and Atlas. Both are super cute and staples of their respective games. These stage 1 water types are stronger than they appear and play a key role in their respective eco-systems. Wen Atlas plushie?
The pokemon Venusaur.
The Illuvial Archeleon.
Keeping with the base theme, next we have Venusaur and Archeleon. These stage 3 grass types are strong healers that can pack a punch. When used correctly these two can be the cornerstone of a strong team.
The pokemon Charizard.
The Illuvial Rhamphyre.
And of course we couldn’t leave out Charizard and Rhamphyre! The Illuvium team did an incredible job of creating a star Illuvial. It’s not easy to follow up a legend like Charizard, but somehow they managed to do it.
The pokemon Shellder.
The Illuvial Tatopee.
Next up we have some fan favorites with Shellder and Tatopee. These two will stick their tongue out at you any chance they get. The worst part is their too cute to be mad at and even if you do attack they’ll just hide in their shell!
The pokemon Suicune.
The Illuvial Lynx.
Moving on we have Suicune and one of the many Lynx in the Illuvium world. These ice dogs are fierce and not to be messed with..unless you have a Rhamphyre of course.
The pokemon Treeko.
The Illuvial Froggy.
Lastly, we have Treeko and…Froggy?? What a find by Vetemor today. Best glitch ever. Even the Illuvium place holders are AAA. This team doesn’t cut corners with anything. Hopefully, Froggy makes the cut as an actual Illuvial, but if not he will certainly live on through the discord memes.
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