Patch Notes for Illuvium Zero v0.1.3 – Increased Save Operations, Time Spoofing Exploit Fix

The Illuvium team pushed out a quick update for Illuvium Zero on February 3rd. Patch update v0.1.3 included a fix to the recent time spoofing exploit that came out of the v0.1.2 patch. This was a quick fix. We also saw an increase in how frequently the saving function occurs. This will help reduce data from being lost as you progress on your plot of land.

There are no new features in this patch and the team is aware of some current performance issues including IZ freezing during long play times and kicking land owners out due to poor connection.

We will see further patch updates in the coming weeks as the team prepares for the launch of Alpha Season 1. This will begin the hunt for blueprints that will actually be NFTs that people can keep in their crypto wallets. Exciting times ahead!

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