Part 4: The Discovery

As an experiment, I asked Chat GPT to create Illuvium lore. For this part of the story, here was the context I gave to the AI software: “Write a story about Arlen and Atlas setting out to find a way to capture Illuvials. They come across a crystal called a shard and use that to capture a new fire type Illuvial that Arlen names Flare.” Here is Part 4: The Discovery. If you haven’t read part 3 yet you can find it here. -Rhamphy

After her encounter with Goliant, Arlen realized that she needed to harness the power of these beasts if she wanted to survive on this planet. She set out on a mission to find a way to capture them.

She spent days exploring the planet, studying the different creatures and analyzing their behavior. Arlen read through her ship’s database, trying to find any information that could help her in her mission.

One day, while she was exploring a cave, she stumbled upon a strange, glowing rock. As she picked it up, she felt a strange energy coursing through her body. Suddenly, she had an idea. She took the rock back to her ship and analyzed it. She discovered that it was a shard, a powerful crystal that had the ability to capture the creatures of this planet.

Excited by her discovery, Arlen set out to find more of these shards. She traveled across the planet, exploring different caves and valleys, and soon she had collected a small collection of these powerful crystals.

Arlen knew that she had to be careful when using the shards. She didn’t want to hurt the creatures, she just wanted to capture them. She spent weeks studying the best way to use the shards and finally, she was ready.

A New Encounter

Arlen set out with Atlas and her collection of shards. They found a group of Illuvials, including a water type, a fire type and a wind type. She used the shards in a specific way that was not harmful to the creatures and managed to capture one of them. She named the Illuvial she was able to capture Flare.

As they returned to her ship, she felt a sense of accomplishment wash over her. She had not only survived on this planet, but she had also found a way to harness the power of these incredible creatures. She knew that the journey ahead would be tough, but with Atlas and Flare by her side, she felt ready for anything.

The Illuvial Flare.

Thank You

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