Part 3: Goliant Attacks

As an experiment, I asked Chat GPT to create Illuvium lore. For this part of the story, here was the context I gave to the AI software: “Write a story about Arlen and Atlas being attacked by a rock like Illuvial which Arlen names Goliant. This Illuvial is dangerous.” Here is Part 3: Goliant Attacks. If you haven’t read part 2 yet you can find it here. -Rhamphy

As Arlen and Atlas set out to explore the planet and hunt for resources, they trekked through the dense forest and across the rocky terrain. They were determined to find everything they needed to survive on this mysterious planet.

As they were making their way through a rocky valley, they suddenly heard a loud bellowing sound. They cautiously approached, unsure of what they would find. Suddenly, a massive creature emerged from behind a large rock. It was unlike anything they had ever seen before.

The creature had a large, rock-like body with four legs and a single large horn on its head. It was at least twice the size of Atlas and it had small, beady eyes that seemed to gleam with aggression. It seemed to be just as surprised to see Arlen and Atlas as they were to see it.

Goliant's beady eye.
Ready to Fight

Arlen immediately pulled out her blaster, aiming at the creature. She knew that this was not a friendly creature and she had to be prepared for the worst. The creature let out a loud bellow and charged towards them, its horn ready to impale.

Arlen fired her blaster, but it had no effect on the rock-like body of the creature. She quickly realized that she would have to think fast if she wanted to survive. She signaled Atlas to grab its attention and with a quick move, Atlas jumped on the creature’s back and bit on its horn.

The creature let out a loud roar and shook Atlas off. Arlen tried to fire again, this time aiming for its eyes, but her blaster was out of power. The creature was getting closer and she knew she had to act fast.

Just as the creature was about to reach her, she quickly climbed a nearby rock and made a leap of faith, grabbing onto a branch hanging overhead. The creature, confused, stopped and bellowed again before running away.

Arlen, who was hanging on the branch, breathed a sigh of relief. She looked down and saw Atlas who was wagging his tail, happy to see her safe. She climbed down and hugged him, grateful for his help.

A New Illuvial

Arlen named the creature Goliant, after the mythical giant known for its strength and power. As they searched the area where Goliant disappeared, they found some valuable resources that would help them survive on the planet. But the encounter with Goliant left them shaken and they knew that they would have to be extra careful from now on. They also learned that not all the creatures on the planet were friendly and they had to be prepared to defend themselves at all times.

Goliant the granite and bulwark Illuvial.

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