Part 2: Atlas

As an experiment, I asked Chat GPT to create Illuvium lore. For this part of the story, here was the context I gave to the AI software: “Write a story about Arlen encountering her first creature on this planet. The creature is blue and walks on all fours like a puppy dog. She names it Atlas.” Here is Part 2: Atlas. If you haven’t read part 1 yet you can find it here. -Rhamphy

As Arlen landed her spaceship on the mysterious planet, she knew that she would be facing many unknown challenges. She was determined to explore the planet and discover its secrets. She set out, equipped with her survival gear and a blaster.

As she made her way through the dense forest, she heard a splashing sound in the nearby stream. She cautiously approached, unsure of what she would find. Suddenly, a creature emerged from the water. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before.

The creature had a blue, sleek body with four legs and a long tail. It was about the size of a small dog and it had large expressive eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. It seemed to be just as surprised to see Arlen as she was to see it.

Arlen was on high alert, unsure of what to do. But as she looked into the creature’s eyes, she saw a gentleness there that put her at ease. She realized that this creature was not a threat, and she lowered her blaster.

Slowly, she reached out her hand, offering it to the creature. To her surprise, the creature took her hand in its own and gently squeezed it. Arlen felt a connection with this creature, and she knew that they had just made a new friend.

She named it Atlas, after the mythical figure who had carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. The creature seemed to respond to its name, and from that day on, Atlas followed Arlen everywhere she went.

Atlas the water and Bulwark Illuvial from Illuvium.

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