Part 1: The Crash

As an experiment, I asked Chat GPT to create Illuvium lore. Here was the context I gave to the AI software: “Write a story about a main character named Arlen who crash lands her spaceship on a mysterious planet.” The result is a new series of Illuvium lore created entirely by ChatGPT. Here is Part 1: The Crash. -Rhamphy

Arlen was a daring astronaut, always looking for new worlds to explore. One day, while flying her spaceship through the galaxy, she picked up a strange signal coming from a distant planet. Without hesitation, Arlen set course for the mysterious planet, eager to discover what secrets it held.

As she entered the planet’s atmosphere, she suddenly encountered a severe storm. With her ship being tossed and turned by the powerful winds, Arlen struggled to keep control. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck her ship, causing it to crash land on the planet’s surface.

Arlen managed to survive the crash, but her ship was badly damaged. She quickly assessed her situation and realized that she was stranded on a strange and unknown planet. The planet was a desert, with no signs of life or civilization.

Arlen looking out over the desert in Crimson Waste.
Arlen on this strange planet

With no way of calling for help or repairing her ship, Arlen knew she had to find a way to survive. She gathered her supplies and set out to explore her new home.

Exploring a New Land

As she journeyed across the barren landscapes, Arlen discovered that the planet was not as uninhabitable as she had first thought. She found water in a nearby oasis and learned to hunt for food. She also discovered a cave system that held an underground river, that sustained an ecosystem of creatures that she had never seen before.

Arlen at an oasis in Crimson Waste.
Oasis in the desert
Arlen exploring tunnels in Crimson Waste.
The tunnels

Arlen was not alone on this planet, she was now part of a community of creatures that she had to learn to live with, and also hunt to survive. She faced many challenges, but also discovered many wonders on this new planet.

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