One Choice Set Illuvium on a Path to Success

Illuvium began navigating the crypto waters at the end of 2020. It was a fantastic time to get in and any average project was profiting immensely from the bull run. Founders would sell their NFTs, which sold out almost instantly for millions, and then promise a AAA rated game in the future. People believed it. 

Nearly every project that offered that road map has either rugged their community or is slowly bleeding out. As the bear market continues the coffers begin to run dry. Projects run low on runway and founders have realized they have wildly over promised. Simply put, a lot of people are in way over their heads and the investors who believed are left holding the bag. 

Enter Illuvium

The Abyssal Basin battle board in Illuvium.
Abyssal Basin

Illuvium chose a different path right out of the gate. They could have easily raised money with pre-launch NFT sales like the rest of them, but they had a bigger vision. They chose to build first. Illuvium is a Pokémon style game and the Illuvials are the NFTs. Instead of selling these Illuvials ahead of time, the Illuvium founders made a bold choice to make players earn these NFTs through actual gameplay. This was a foreign concept in 2021 as everyone raced to get their NFTs to market. Illuvium stood alone. 

Patience Pays Off

The level of patience and lack of greed is starting to pay off for Illuvium. As other projects show cracks in their foundation, all is well in the world of Illuvium. They recently released their Overworld Private Beta and it has been a massive success. They are about to launch their next phase of the project Illuvium: Zero. This city builder style game will be going into Private alpha on January 6th. For those keeping score at home, that will be their third game release (Autobattler, Overworld, IZ) while most other blockchain games are still barely making their first. Moreover, none of the competitors have the quality of design and AAA level graphics of Illuvium. 

The Illuvium Zero sign in page.
The Abyssal Basin region of Illuvium Zero.

Holding the Bag

So while most people outside of the Illuvium eco-system are left holding bags for games that may never be finished. The Illuvium faithful are playing Illuvium today. Happy as can be and chomping at the bit to finally own the NFTs of their favorite Illuvials like Atlas, Squizz and Rhamphyre. The fact that no one owns those assets and no one will own those assets until the Overworld is in public hands is the key here. That choice was made early on by the Illuvium team and it was the best decision long term that they’ll ever make. 

Thank You

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