My Key Takeaways from Illuvium’s Dev Blog: April 2022

Intro to the Dev Blog
Each month Aaron puts out a dev blog with everything going on in the Illuvium world. This dev blog is a wealth of information and always has good insight on what the team is up to. It’s one of the best parts of Illuvium and provides a level of transparency that few can rival. My goal here is to highlight some key takeaways to catch us up on what the team was working on in April.
Private Beta
The team made great strides in PB1, opening it up to over 500 people (myself included). Their main goal has been to test the Combat Engine. This is the heart of the autobattler code and does all the heavy lifting. They will continue to tweak things as they receive feedback and ultimately they are targeting access for 20,000 beta testers before their “final push”. No spoilers yet on what the final push is but it’s worth keeping an eye on as it seems Aaron may have something up his sleeve.
The team’s goal is to have the Overworld 80% polished by launch and some areas like Crimson Waste are already there. 80% for Illuvium is 150% for most as they are their own worst critics. I personally think the Overworld will look amazing at launch, but Grant and co will always push for better. The Overworld is also fully functional at this point with user interface nearing completion as well. More to come soon.
Illuvium Zero
IZ is getting a complete makeover by Grant and the Alpha version is currently being played by members of the Illuvium team. With the Land Sale just weeks away we have a lot to look forward to here. Aaron also mentioned a Tycoon style leaderboard! Who doesn’t love more competition? Needless to say I have my sILV2 ready.
IlluviDex, Land Sale and Illuvitars!
The team has one IlluviDex audit complete and one to go. End to end testing is also underway and they are doing everything they can to get this system ready for the Land Sale and Illuvitars. The Land Sale will start on June 2nd and a big focus for the team is gas optimization. Everything we’ve seen so far shows that they do not cut corners and I would expect nothing less on the back end as well. Illuvitars should follow shortly after.
Additional Areas of Focus
The primary focus has been gameplay and rightfully so, but there are other areas that the team is continuing to build out:
  • Launch Cinematic: This is being worked on and will be released strategically with a mainstream launch.
  • Game Launcher: This is a critical piece of the Illuvium eco-system that brings all of the different games under one umbrella. So whether you sell an item from IZ or buy an item in the Open World, you’re getting the same IlluviDex experience. It’s being built out.
  • Bios for each Illuvial are being put into overdrive.
  • In-game dialogue for the Rangers and Drones. What’s up Mozart?!
  • Started the search for a second writer.
Say no more. Sending in my application now.
Thank You
As always, thank you for reading my article! Also, follow me on Twitter (@Rhamphy) to keep up with the latest Illuvium news, leaks and more.
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