Illuvials with a Magma (EarthFire) affinity radiate extreme heat, which deals damage to enemies within 25 hexes. Magma units create Molten Ground within 25 hexes for 6 seconds when using their Omega. Molten Ground deals damage to enemies every second and Magma units gain Grit & Resolve. They give 10% of their Max Energy as damage per Fire synergy and gain 5 Grit & Resolve per Earth synergy.

2 Magma Illuvials: 30 Energy Damage per second

3 Magma Illuvials: 45 Energy Damage per second

4 Magma Illuvials: 60 Energy Damage per second

Types of Illuvials that have the Magma affinity include Singe, Sear and Scoriox.

The Magma affinity cannot be combined to make other affinities.

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