Let’s Talk Illuvitars

The excitement of Illuvitars

A lot of the focus recently has been on the upcoming Land Sale starting June 2nd, but another equally exciting portion of the project coming in the near future is Illuvitars!

Seeforus Illuvitar from Illuvium with shades and collar on.

These fun little avatars will be the brand of the people. Illuvitars will be your in-game avatar, Twitter pfp and inevitably spill over into every facet of the vanity NFT world. Illuvitars stand to provide Illuvium with a ton of organic growth opportunities as our favorite content creators don their Illuvitars proudly. As Illuvium grows we will all grow and having a specific brand associated with your assets is crucial. I for one will be seeking out a Rhamphy Illuvitar to help solidify my own brand. It’s going to be exciting to see what people choose.

Illuvitar from Illuvium smiling with hat and sunglasses.
Thoughts from Kieran

On top of that, Kieran had announced on Twitter and in recent YouTube videos that the team is already almost complete with the 3rd edition of Illuvitars. This means that the 1st and 2nd editions will have short runs with potentially only a three day window to purchase. You can watch the clip from Volkin’s YouTube interview here it starts at the 25:30 mark. That’s down from the week long window he mentioned in this tweet:

Tweet from Kieran Warwick of Illuvium.

So scarcity will be there for the early collections and as time goes by and more people enter the world of Illuvium, those early avatars could fetch a premium. I personally think the shorter the window the better. Kieran also gave us a sneak peek of the Illuvitar UI and it’s looking very clean:

Home screen for Illuvitar customization. Bring your Illuvitar to life!
Traits and Badges

I can’t wait to start building out my Illuvitars with this platform! Just from this picture alone you can see adding traits is simple and mixing and matching to find your favorite combination will be the name of the game. I’m really excited about this part of the experience.

The other piece of Illuvitars is badges. These will go around the border of your Illuvitar and help distinguish players in the game. The better badge, the higher your status. Here’s a look at how the badges will look:

Nine Illuvitar badges of different Illuvials from Illuvium.

Very very cool. I really like the look of them, especially the Ethereum logo. Imagine winning a major tournament and receiving a 1 of 1 badge for your Illuvitar? I think that is what’s coming.

Illuvitar from Illuvium with glasses, army helmet and gold chain.

Overall, the products that Illuvium has created are really putting us in a tough spot when choosing between land and Illuvitars. Everyone has their own strategy and it will be interesting to see how each portion of the Illuvium ecosystem develops over time. All I know is, it’s time to get focused. We are just weeks away from seeing how the first stage plays out. Thanks for reading and see you all on the next one!

Thank You

As always, thank you for reading my article! Also, follow me on Twitter (@Rhamphy) to keep up with the latest Illuvium news, leaks and more.

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