Leaks: The Illuvium Asset Zoo

Andrew and Grant were at it again today with another edition of Illuvium Showcase. This is quickly becoming my favorite content of the week with breathtaking leaks and an inside look at the Illuvium asset library not found anywhere else. 

Today’s episode was a real treat with Grant giving us a peak behind the curtain at the Illuvium Asset Zoo. This was not planned as they had 50+ assets to go through already, but in true Illuvium fashion they over delivered. For close to two hours we got an inside look at everything Illuvium. 

The scale of the Illuvium Asset Zoo is massive. 

This gives you an idea of how big this team is thinking. Just look at all the empty squares waiting to be filled. And to think, these are just the plant assets!

Here we have one of the many plants that attack you. There are many more to come. 

And here we have a beautiful cave entrance in the making. This is the interior view and it’s similar to how the inside of a glistening shell can look. 

There’s so much to see in these images. So many little assets full of color and detail. 

It’s impossible to show everything and now I really understand when Grant says how little is actually shown in the leaks channel of discord. 

Tier 0

We also got a look at the Tier 0 Illuvials, which will be a part of the free to play portion of the game. 

Once again amazing job by the graphics team. These Illuvials are some of the best I have seen. 

Truly incredible work. Every time we get leaks the confidence of the community grows stronger. This is like nothing else we have ever seen in this space. Illuvium is the real deal and they are proving that more and more each day. 

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