Leaks: Illuvium Zero Footage, Illuvitar Disks and More!

It’s been a busy day in the discord with multiple Illuvium leaks being dropped. We have some really cool updates from Grant and things are getting more real everyday now. We are getting close! Here is a look at the latest leaks. 

Illuvitar Disks

It looks like we will have 3 Illuvitar Disk types to choose from with Disk, Mega Disk and Ultra Disk. As always, the artwork looks incredible and seeing the Disks visually actually helps make the disk name more palatable.

A Disk from the Illuvitar sale of Illuvium.
A Mega Disk from the Illuvitar sale of Illuvium.
An Ultra Disk from the Illuvitar sale of Illuvium.

I really like how each disk tiers up and looks more epic than the last. Grant and Rogier really took these to the next level well done. I can just imagine having these unopened disks in my wallet. Once the Illuvitar sale happens my plan is to hold some unopened disks and it is going to be extremely difficult not to open them. 

Illuvium Zero Footage

We also got some really cool Illuvium Zero footage leaked today. There was click through videos of blueprints, buildings and a few other portions of the game. 

A new fact found about Rhamphy from a blueprint in Illuvium Zero.
The Structures page from Illuvium Zero.

I won’t post all of them here, but that Twitter link will give you an idea and the rest can be found in the Illuvium discord. Also, I love that each Blueprint will come with facts about the Illuvial!

Moz4rt Leaks!

We also had some new Moz4rt leaks, which are always fun! 

A purple Moz4rt from the game Illuvium.
A Rhamphyre inspired Moz4rt from the game Illuvium.
A blue and tan Moz4rt from the game Illuvium.

Moz4rt is looking better and better each day! No one has more skins than that guy. 

Beautiful Overworld Landscape

The title speaks for itself. I leave you with some beautiful Overworld landscape. Enjoy!

A beautiful Overworld mountain range from Illuvium.
A view of the obelisk in Illuvium's Overworld.

Thank You

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