Leak: Illuvium Zero Updates are Next Level

Today we got some awesome Illuvium Zero leaks in the Discord from cofounder Grant Warwick. He is absolutely hyped with how far Illuvium Zero has come and who could blame him? 

Building in Illuvium Zero.

A Whole New Game

The city builder game has been completely transformed. It looks so clean. Grant said he was playing on his phone for hours already. He also mentioned in discord that he plans to livestream IZ on Wednesday during the Illuvium Showcase. I for one cannot wait for that.

To think that Illuvium works as a loop from city builder to Overworld and autobattler is so cool. Interoperable blockchain gaming is the future and Illuvium is paving the path forward. 

Transparency is Key

Not only have they built this, but they’ve brought us all along for the journey. Every step of the way we’ve seen the leaks. We’ve seen the progress. It really feels like we are all a part of the team. The connection to Illuvium is strong for the ones who follow and when the game is fully released many more will find their way to the game. 

Highlighting the Data Bank in Illuvium Zero.

Attention to Detail

The level of polish and attention to detail in Illuvium Zero is incredible. There’s simply no limit to what this team can accomplish. Here are some of the graphics from IZ:

Discovering an Illuvial in Illuvium Zero.
Switching plots of land in Illuvium Zero.
Collecting resources in Illuvium Zero.


The game is nearly ready. These next few months are going to be extremely exciting for the project. All of their hard work will be worth it. Just look at the original IZ design versus what we have now:

The original version of Illuvium Zero.
Showing a Nexus level 3 in Illuvium Zero.
Highlighting a Prayers Shroom in Illuvium Zero.

Many teams would have been happy with the original design, but not Grant Warwick, not Illuvium. The constant desire to build and improve is what will separate Illuvium from the pack. They are relentless in their pursuit of building a quality game. The passion is evident in their work. When passion meets persistence it is hard to compete. Illuvium will be the crown jewel of blockchain gaming and they prove that over and over again through their incredible ability to push the limits of what is possible in digital gaming. 

Thank You

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