Leak: An Inside Look at Shardbluff Labyrinth

The Obelisk in Shardbluff Labyrinth.

Shardbluff Labyrinth is shrouded in mystery. Dark and unforgiving, this region seems to be void of life. 

Arlen and Moz4rt exploring Shardbluff Layrinth.

With dangers around each turn, the level of difficulty seems high. Yet, with high risk comes high reward. This is the land of Rhamphyre

Various plants in Shardbluff Labyrinth.
Treacherous rock faces in Shardbluff Labyrinth.

A Fire Type Playground

With towering rock faces and treacherous lava flows, this region is a fire type illuvials playground. Moreover, with steep cliffs, winged beasts have an advantage.

A molten lava fall can be seen in the distance.
Lava flows through Shardbluff Labyrinth.
Multiple lava falls in Shardbluff Labyrinth.

Tread Cautiously

One can only imagine what lies around each twist and turn in Shardbluff Labyrinth. Tread cautiously my friends as one false move in this region could be your last. 

Arlen traverses the Shardbluff region of Illuvium.
Water flows through Shardbluff Labyrinth.

With so many vibrant regions, the contrast of Shardbluff Labyrinth can’t be understated. Even in a state of block out, you can get a feel for this vast landscape. Sharp rocks carved through by molten lava add an element of danger. 

Lava flows through Shardbluff Labyrinth.
Plant life in the Shardbluff region of Illuvium.
Plant life and a lava fall in Shardbluff Labyrinth.

Not for the Faint of Heart

It’s a region not for the faint of heart and I cannot wait to explore. Add in the lore of this region and I believe Illuvium is once again delivering at a level that far exceeds most blockchain and traditional games. 

A birds eye view containing the Obelisk in Shardbluff Labyrinth.

It’s another beautiful build and when we are finally immersed in the Overworld I’m not sure there is any going back. Illuvium’s regions have the potential to become iconic and this level of variety with attention to detail can ultimately bring crypto gaming mainstream. 

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