Leak: A Sneak Peek at Illuvium Gems

I recently got special access to a data base that the Illuvium team updates regularly. As we all know, with great access comes great responsibility. Every now and again I comb through the leaks to see what I can find. Today we hit pay dirt! We have an extensive look at the various Illuvium gems you will find in the Overworld.

Illuvium Gems

The gems can be broken down into the five affinities: Air, Earth, Fire, Nature and Water. Taking it a step further, each gem can be categorized as fragmented, common, uncommon, rare, epic and resplendent. Furthermore, they also can be infused. We don’t yet know all the use cases for the gems, but in any case its good to get a look at the artwork.

Air Gems

We will start with Air gems. These will derive from your favorite air Illuvials such as Vermi or Kukka. What we do know is the gems can be fused with weapons and armor to further augment those pieces from both a design and utility standpoint.

Air gems found in Illuvium.

The gems get more intricate as they increase in rarity. The team did a great job with distinctive designs between the various gems. The infused get even better.

Infused Air gems found in Illuvium.

Adding that extra pop to each gem adds a layer of mystique to the build. One can imagine just how enhanced their weapon or armor may look with top tier gems. It really is a cool feature.

Earth Gems

Next we have earth gems. These will tie into the mighty Titanor line and other earth Illuvials like Malura.

Earth gems found in Illuvium.
Infused Earth gems found in Illuvium.

The beautiful hue of purple really pops off the screen making each type of gem easily distinguishable.

Fire Gems

The mighty fire gems. Deriving from the Rhamphyre line I would imagine these gemstones can pack a punch. We’ve seen the weapons fused with gems already in the Autobattler and I can say the fire shield is one of my favorites. There is something about a flaming weapon that really gets the blood pumping.

Fire gems found in Illuvium.
Infused fire gems found in Illuvium.

These give off some real fire stone vibes from Pokemon. I remember using a fire stone to evolve my Eevee into Flareon. This gem has a similar feel and I think finding some of the rarer gems in the Overworld will have a similar hype factor to catching a rare Illuvial.

Nature Gems

As we have seen, nature Illuvials are typically your healers. Whether you have Archie on the board spreading their roots to nearby allies or Ador shaking it’s antlers, nature Illuvials provide a special balance in the game. Moreover, I think nature gems specifically will play a major role in gameplay with strategies being built around the additional healing they may provide.

Nature gems found in Illuvium.
Infused Nature gems found in Illuvium.

Water Gems

Water is just fun. Squirtle was always a fan favorite in Pokemon and Atlas will fill the same role with Illuvium. Halcyon Sea will be a fun level to play and water gems will give your armor and weapons some really cool teal and aqua colors. This gem will really pop off the screen. Who doesn’t love a good blue?

Water gems found in Illuvium.
Infused Water gems found in Illuvium.

As we progress in the build out I will continue to provide some context on the various items found in the world of Illuvium. There is a ton to go over, but I hope this was a good introduction into the Illuvium gems you will inevitably be harvesting in the near future. We are still so early on this journey and aspects of the game like items can sometimes take a back seat, but as we all prepare for the game it’s good to get familiar with what is coming. Illuvium has given us the unique chance to see a triple A game being built out in real time let’s make the most of it!

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