Key Takeaways from Illuvium’s Dev Blog: May 2022

A recap of Illuvium’s latest dev blog

Each month Aaron puts out Illuvium’s dev blog detailing the developments of the past month. As always, the team has been hard at work and a lot has happened. I’m here to break it down for you.


Let’s start this off with the big boy. PB2 is coming soon and that includes the Overworld! The Overworld is the key to this entire operation. It’s the straw that stirs the drink. We have Crimson Waste, my personal favorite region, fully complete! Abyssal Basin and Brightland Steppes are not far behind. We have Sanctum Mesa nearing completion. Check out the leaked artwork from the king of leaks Grant:

Arlen's spaceship docked in the Sanctum Mesa region of Illuvium.

Lastly, Shardbluff Labrynth and Crystal Shores have complete ideation with a block out to follow. The Over World is humming along and as the team grows in both number and experience I suspect this process will become more efficient. Perhaps it already has. Most importantly, the team made a seamless transition to Unreal Engine 5. This was a massive step forward and only proceeded with once the team felt comfortable with the new systems capabilities.

Illuvium's Unreal Engine 5 announcement logo.

The IlluviDex is a work in progress. We will soon see a much anticipated bid/offer option. Along with this we will see owned by and minted by tags, as well as, current owner status on the Region Map. This will make it much easier to seek people out in hopes of building a mega city! The IlluviDex served its purpose for the Land Sale and was a great success, but it is time to ramp things up. The next focus for the IlluviDex will be Illuvitars. Our favorite in game pfps! These will be here before we know it. Audits have been finalized and review is underway.

Illuvium's landing page for Illuvitar customization.
Launch Cinematic

The Illuvium team has joined forces with Glow Production to create the next AAA trailer for the game. I suspect this will be heavy in Open World game play as the team really wants to showcase the beautiful game they have created. The assets have been handed off to Glow and it will be exciting to see what they come up with. If you haven’t seen the original trailer from back in the Fall, you can check it out here. That bad boy recently hit 1m views on YouTube!

An Illuvitar of Axodon with cigar, halo and sunglasses in the blockchain game Illuvium.
More on PB2

The launch of Private Beta 2 will also feature some significant upgrades to the autobattler. Here are some of the key features nearing completion to look out for:

  • Hyperactive
  • Empowers
  • Marks
  • Taunt
  • Checkpoints
  • Augments (art below)
An augment card named Artic Dominion from the blockchain game Illuvium.

With over 7000 gamers enjoying Private Beta 1, I can only imagine what PB2 will bring into the fold. Very soon we will have an Over World we can explore, Illuvium Zero Land we can build upon and a polished autobattler. The beauty of this game is that it will constantly be evolving based on community feedback. Never before has the gamer had this much power in deciding the outcome of a game. This level of transparency is unprecedented. We build together. We play together. We earn together. The Illuvium way.

Illuvium's main character Arlen in a hero's pose with sword in hand and Illuvials by her side.

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