Key Takeaways from Illuvium’s Dev Blog: August 2022

Illuvium cofounder Aaron Warwick is back with Illuvium’s Dev blog after taking July off due to health concerns. It’s great to see him writing again and he provided a lot of great updates in his latest post. Let’s go through the main points. 

Product Release Schedule

The order of releases is as follows:

  • IlluviDex v2 
  • PB2 (Arena) 
  • Illuvium: Zero Alpha 
  • PB2 (Overworld) 
  • Illuvitars 
  • Game Loader

The IlluviDex version 2 and Private Beta 2 are both very close. We’ve seen Kieran talk about Private Beta 2 being launched this weekend. The team then clarified in discord that next Monday may be a good day to shoot for the launch. Either way, both of these upgrades are just days away. PB2 is so close that it was played by the public at the Australian Crypto Con. The long awaited upgrades are imminent. 

Illuvium Zero: Alpha

The Taiga Boreal region of Illuvium Zero.

IZ: Alpha is essentially done. The team of course always wants to add some polish, but it is basically complete. The last piece to finish is adding gameplay tutorials. It’s coming very soon. I think the upgrades will be worth the delay.

PB2 (Overworld)

Arlen exploring the Crimson Waste region of the Overworld in Illuvium.

The rumor mill has been swirling that this will be out before Christmas. I won’t hold my breath, but that would be pretty cool. Two environments are ready, Sanctum Mesa and Crimson Waste. Here’s a quote from Aaron that gives some really cool insight into what to expect in Overworld gameplay: 

“Each time you do a run, the game will score you based on what you take out of the region. Certain Illuvials, harvestables, and minables will be worth more than others, so try to get to the top. By doing so, you help us to determine how to balance the drop rates and recipes.”

This is a very interesting way to play test the game. I can’t wait to do a few runs myself. I really hope we see this game play in 2022. 


A Squizz Illuvitar from the game Illuvium.

Illuvitars sounds like it is still going to take time. The Album is a big upgrade and the team needs to ensure they get it right. We need to remember that as a community we voted for this delay. In the long run it will be for the best. The team is working closely with Immutable X to create a pack selling experience similar to Gods Unchained. I anticipate this will be a very fun and interactive purchasing process. We are seeing website updates, new leaks etc and the team is getting closer, but we are not there yet. 

Other Fun Takeaways

The launch cinematic is well underway and I anticipate this will be just as good as if not better than the first trailer they put out. The Illuvium team is also working on Illuvial biologies! We saw an Atlas biology recently from the Illuvium Twitter: 

It will be fun to see these roll out. 

The Lore

Lastly, the team is quietly building out the lore. This is Illuvium’s best kept secret and rightfully so! One day we will all be able to explore the world of Illuvium and discover their secrets, but for now it is nice knowing that the team is focusing on building out the story. This is arguably one of the most important aspects of the game to get right. 

That’s all I have to report from Illuvium’s Dev Blog. For the full dev blog you can check it out here. Aaron puts these out monthly and it is always a fantastic resource of new information and progress. 

Thank You

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