Is the Illuvitars NFT Sale Close? A Brief Update

Is the Illuvitars Sale Close? Highlights from June Dev Blog Illuvium

Illuvitars — the configurable NFT that will serve as a player’s in-game avatar in the Illuvium Universe approaches! The Illuvium team recently released the landing page with an eye-popping trailer for the Illuvitars sale, leaving many on the edge of their seats for more details. Thankfully, the recent June Dev Blog from the Illuvium Team has dropped some hints about the sale. Let’s briefly discuss what Illuvitars are, and decipher the clues from the update in the Dev Blog. Are excited? You should be.

Illuvitars sale Rhamphyre artwork from Illuvium

What are Illuvitars?

We recently wrote about the schematics for the Illuvitars Sale, including the product itself and the process. This is an Illuvium product, so you should know it is not the average profile picture NFT…

You can read about it in our previous blog on the subject. For those that are new to the party, here is a quick breakdown of Illuvitars.

First of all, Illuvitars at their core are configurable avatars that will serve as a player’s avatar in the Illuvium Universe suite of games. As of now, Illuvium is in the process of launching multiple games, including Illuvium: Arena, Illuvium: Zero and Illuvium: Overworld. Currently, Illuvium has already launched Illuvium: Arena (Private Beta) and is close to finishing Illuvium:Zero, the mobile companion game, a city builder that utilizes Land from the recent land sale. Illuvium: Overworld is the open world exploration currently in development. Many have speculated that it will be released end of 2022 and early 2023. Theoretically, the Illuvitars NFTs will be used as one’s avatar in these games, and future games to come.

Illuvitars Layers and Utility

These NFTs consist of two layers, a Base Layer and Portrait Layer. The Base Layer for the first sale will consist of artwork based on 25 genesis Illuvials. A Portrait Layer will include accessories like headwear, eyewear, etc. that a buyer can “bond” to one of 5 open slots. See photo below:

Illuvitars sale base and accessory layer atlas

Base art and Portrait accessories will be sold through 5 tiers or crates. The higher the crate’s tier, the more likely a buyer is to pull rarer items.

Furthermore, as with all Illuvium products, there is chatter about significant utilities associated with these NFTs. We do not have finalized details yet, but there are some clues being released in the recent discussions from Discord. Firstly, we know that there will be an element of collectability with the “Album” to start. Kind of like a virtual binder similar to collectible trading cards. Secondly, there is also speculation that these NFTs will be used for exclusive merchandise and event tickets. We will update more on these as more information comes to light.

Finally, as usual, all revenue from the sale will go into the Illuvium DAO vault. Revenue will then be redistributed to ILV stakers via revenue distribution.

Sounds good, but when is the sale? Any more details? Read on to find out the update from the June 2022 Dev Blog.

What’s the Update from Illuvium?

Next, the Illuvitars sale appears to be close, as evidenced by the release of the Illuvitars landing page and trailer. The process for launching Illuvitars via the DAO system is also being discussed, along with pricing and details on the utility of these NFTs beyond game avatars.

Thankfully, the recent Dev Blog contains some additional clues. Check out the highlights below:

The major infrastructure to run the sale is complete.

The bonding workflow is well underway. We use this same bonding flow for most of the game, so getting this done kills two birds with one stone.

Illuvitar reveals animation improvements are underway.

A few low-level design changes that I can’t go into must be done before the sale starts. Most of the delay is here. Once it is confirmed and implemented, we should be ready to go.

Album and Collections, with leaderboards. It won’t be available at launch, but when you see it, you’ll flip… pages! (I’m allowed one dad joke per month)

So, what can we gather from this info? Specifically here, we can tell that the infrastructure needed to perform the sale is complete. That is strong sign that the sale will be launched relatively soon.

Next, we can tell that the team is working on an awesome reveal animation. As you may know, the reveal is one of the most entertaining elements of the NFT process. Like opening a pack of trading cards or purchasing a loot box in your favorite game. Undoubtedly, presentation is important.

Moreover, the Albums and Collections element ties the NFTs together well. Especially considering there will be a leaderboard, just like in Private Beta. This means Illuvitars will be treated like collectible trading cards, not just game avatars, which is very exciting.

Finally, the biggest hint is the “low level design changes.” According to this highlight, this is one of the biggest delays. Once it is completed, the sale will be ready to go. Based on what we know from the team, they are probably striving for perfection. When they believe these design, utility and collectability elements are perfect, the sale will be announced.

Very exciting!

illuvitars with borders from illuvium


To sum this up, the Illuvitars Sale is close. As you can see from the details above, the Illuvium team is perfecting and finalizing the design, process, reveal animation and final utilities. Once these are complete, the DAO will decide the final pricing and approve the sale for launch.

It is fair to say that many in the community are excited for the art and utilities surrounding these PFP NFTs. We will be updating with more info as more leaks and official information is released!

For now, check out the rest of our articles and follow us on Twitter for real time updates on Illuvium!

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