In the World of Illuvium Everyone Has a Story to Tell

From your first step in Sanctum Mesa, the clock is ticking. Built on the blockchain, the Illuvium Overworld is different than your typical collection style game. For the first time, gamers truly own their assets and can buy, trade and sell in game items. Needless to say time is money. 

Sanctum Mesa

Sun sets on the main hub of Sanctum Mesa in the Illuvium Overworld.

Sanctum Mesa is a hub of activity. This is where you will evolve Illuvials, store items, upgrade weapons and so much more. In Illuvium lore, this is where your ship has crash landed. A beautiful island paradise that our main character, Arlen, calls home. Could be worse right? 

The Obelisks

The obelisk in Sanctum Mesa.

Out of the sands of Sanctum Mesa rises an Obelisk similar to the pharaohs creations in ancient Egypt. This is the symbol of Illuvium and can be found throughout the game in various places. The obelisk is your means of travel from region to region. On one hand, the obelisk opens up a world of exploration. On the other hand, it provides a level of safety. 

Crimson Waste

Arlen traveling through Crimson Waste in the Illuvium Overworld.

Illuvium’s Overworld can be broken down into seven regions. Crimson Waste is our first region, home mainly to fire type Illuvials. This region has streams of acid coursing through its veins and one false move could easily be your last. You start your journey in the caves of Crimson Waste. With multiple paths to choose there is much ground to cover. This level features a vast desert with pockets of life and death. In Soka’s Garden you will find an abundance of plants and Illuvials. Travel south through the desert, however, and you will find a graveyard filled with the bones of pre-historic beasts. These mammoths are known as Leviathans. 

Two Leviathans fighting in the waters of Sanctum Mesa.

Powerful creatures from a forgotten time. I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of these mythical goliaths. 

The Leviathan graveyard in Crimson Waste.

As you traverse this epic landscape you are calculating your every move. Whether you are catching Illuvials, mining shard deposits or scanning resources, these actions all take energy. This is more than just collecting monsters. With each encounter you have a chance of virtual riches. Some have likened it to opening a pack of Pokémon cards. You just never know what may lie on the other side.

As you finish your run, you are reminded that your time in Crimson Waste is fleeting. Never quite able to accomplish all your goals, Illuvial hunters are left with a sense of wanting more. Illuvium truly is like the oasis in the deserts of Crimson Waste. Small pockets of abundance surrounded by desolate landscape. The hunt for Illuvials will undoubtedly take time, patience and money. Will the journey be worth it? We will find out. In the world of Illuvium, everyone has a story to tell. 

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