Illuvium’s Onboarding Process and Mainstream Adoption

One big piece of the puzzle for crypto native games is mainstream adoption. How do we get non crypto gamers to play a blockchain game? This will be a big hurdle for Illuvium on their road to mass adoption and Illuvium’s cofounder Kieran has touched on this topic a few times recently and what he had to say was very encouraging. 

Illuvium’s Plan

Illuvium’s plan to onboard new players hasn’t been talked about much until recently. However, during the Australian Crypto Conference Kieran laid out exactly what Illuvium is planning to do. Here is what he had to say: 

“No talk of NFTs. No talk of crypto. No talk of Bitcoin. No talk of any of the lingo that all of us love. You onboard the players because it’s a fun game that they want to play. Then after a little while, once they’ve gone through the journey. They start collecting these Illuvials. Then you give them a button that says hey by the way you’ve been collecting these Illuvials and they’re very very valuable. You now press a button to seamlessly create a wallet and now all of a sudden someone who had no idea they were even playing a crypto game is onboarded into crypto.” -Illuvium cofounder Kieran Warwick

This is how mainstream adoption can happen. Finally a project founder who fully understands what it will take to bring the average gamer into Web 3! What an amazing concept. Let’s make a fun game, take out any inkling that it is crypto related and let the gamer decide. In my opinion, this is a recipe for success. Illuvium is once again seemingly doing everything right. This team can’t be stopped. Maybe I’m biased or maybe they’re just that good. Either way crypto needs a hero and Illuvium is answering the call. This is one of the best use cases I have ever seen for blockchain technology and the genius of it all is that the technology won’t be front and center. 

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