Illuvium’s Marketing Machine is Revving Up

We’ve seen this story before. Illuvium co-founder Kieran Warwick is on an all out marketing blitz. He tasked Illuvium’s Influencer Manager Tarren aka TSG (what’s up guys) with finding and setting up 50+ interviews in the next month. Kieran’s digital tour is well under way and his relentless pursuit day after day to preach the gospel of Illuvium is impressive. 

Lead by example

Arlen ready's for battle with Illuvials by her side.

Kieran, Grant and Aaron all lead directly from the front. Nobody pushes harder than the Warwick brothers. They wouldn’t ask a team member to do anything they haven’t already done themselves. Grant is consistently up at all hours working on Illuvium. Making sure the graphics meet his high standards is a top priority. Aaron is quietly building out the lore and leading the charge on game theory. One quick search on Twitter and you’ll see just how much Kieran is doing. He’s here, he’s there and he’s everywhere. And that can only mean one thing. 

Illuvium is coming

Island vibes of Sanctum Mesa.

Last time Kieran went on this type of maniacal marketing tour we saw the Illuvium Land Sale raise $72 million shortly after. What we have coming up here in Q4 is much more. So many aspects of the game are close. Illuvium Zero is about to launch as we saw Grant showcase the game with Andrew Wall just last week. The Illuvitar sale is right around the corner. Just look at these reveal sequences: 

The team is not messing around. These are fully rendered instances never seen before in this space. The team building Illuvium has worked for countless big names like Star Wars, Ready Player One, Godzilla and Avengers. This isn’t your typical ten person PFP NFT team. Far from it. The Overworld will showcase the true talent and depth of this gaming studio. 

Arlen climbs stairs in Sanctum Mesa of Illuvium's Overworld.

This will bring new gamers in and make them never want to leave. The interoperability will make the experience seamless. The beautiful design will make it epic. And if you’ve been paying attention you know, it all starts with a good old fashioned marketing tour by the face of Illuvium Kieran Warwick. 

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