Illuvium’s First Battle Royale

It started innocently enough with a Tweet from Grant:
What unfolded next is one of the reasons the team here at Infoluvial is so excited about Illuvium. Sit back, relax and we’ll break it all down for you. Grant’s tweet garnered a lot of attention from the heavy hitters of Illuvium content. Each has early Beta access leaving us on the sidelines wildly jealous. The appetite for Survival Mode content is massive and a Battle Royale for $1000 was the perfect fix. It is good to realise that no other blockchain game to our knowledge could pull this off. 1 tweet, a wildly competitive fanbase and we are off and running. Round 1 The competition began with 14 players. Each was required to stream live on Twitch or YouTube and also commentate in the Illuvium chat portion of Discord. We had Grant overseeing the entire production with a makeshift set up of YouTube/Twitch browsers. He would set the rules, commentate and try to throw Kieran off his game any chance he got. Our field was set:
First round participants of Illuvium's first Battle Royale.
The crew would play 4 rounds in the inaugural Battle Royale. 8 competitors would be left after Round 1, 4 after Round 2 and then the final battle. The first round flew by as the excitement was growing in discord. Volkin showed that he’s more than just content by surviving for a respectable 22 waves plus 58 seconds (2 seconds shy of a tie, which would’ve pushed him to wave 23). Damo also had a great showing as he got to wave 23, a high for the round. Seeforus was his main weapon.
The illuvial Seeforus from the game Illuvium.
Round 2 Round 2 saw Kieran come awfully close to an embarrassing early exit in Wave 7. He managed to not only survive, but move on to round 3. Damo came out with another dominant performance and took a Top 3 spot on the daily leaderboard with a 24 wave beatdown. Spike, who Grant dubbed “just a bloke”, had maybe the comment of the match when Round 2 ended:
The biggest upset of Round 2 was Frobei, who went in as the overwhelming favorite as a former TFT Pro, but ended up the odd man out with just 14 waves completed. Here is where we stood after 2 rounds:
Second round results of Illuvium's first Battle Royale.
Round 3 With 4 players remaining we began Round 3 and chaos ensued. Word had gotten around that ItsMartini was a pro TFT player planted in the competition by Illuvium Ben. Ben loves to rile Kieran up at every turn and this was yet another opportunity to push his buttons. The tactic worked and Kieran could not shake the news. He came face to face with his arch enemy aka Wave 7 and this time he got pummeled. Let’s hear from the man himself:
Meanwhile, Spike proved Grant right in Round 3 and undoubtedly was “just a bloke” as he made his exit as well. This would set the stage for a Damo vs ItsMartini final in the Battle Royale for $1000. Here were the standings after Round 3:
Third round results of Illuvium's first Battle Royale.
Final Round Our final two would face off and put on a good show for the crowd. Martini chose an Earth/Rogue strategy early, while Damo continued with his Earth/Empath combo led by Seeforus that had dominated thus far. Martini made a Wave 15 switch, which Grant called out in real time. This was a bold move and ultimately would lead to his demise in Wave 18. Damo would cruise from there sticking with his method throughout the tournament. He would ultimately fall in Wave 22. A very consistent showing from wire to wire. Congrats Damo!
Final results of Illuvium's first Battle Royale.
What followed in my mind was equally as cool. Damo not only claimed a $1000 prize, but also received a new role in Discord.
Screenshot of Damo's account from Illuvium Discord.
Battle Royale Champion! So there you have it. The first Illuvium Battle Royale was in the books. It’s safe to say that Seeforus was MVP. When that Illuvial gets its moves off it is a PROBLEM for opponents. It was a blast documenting the action and we can’t reiterate enough how far this project has come in such a short time. It’s truly amazing what the team has built and we are starting to see the benefits. As our fearless marketing leader Andrew Wall so eloquently put it, we are building the first play AND earn blockchain game. This subtle distinction is ultimately what will keep Illuvium running well into the future. We can’t wait for the next event, and we hope to see even more thrilling action in the arena. Keep an eye out and maybe you will be the next Battle Royale champion!
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