Illuvium Token Pops 30%, Bitcoin and Eth Shoot Higher

The Bulls were on parade today in the crypto markets! We saw runs higher with the Illuvium token, BTC and ETH. It was a breathe of fresh air in this bear market and ultimately shows the strength of Illuvium in these uncertain times. ILV specifically had a major pop. The token at one point hit $82, a 34% swing to the upside. That’s quite a move in a token that has seen 90+ percent drawdown during the bear.

Part of that run may be attributed to these tweets from the GameStop NFT account. Could we be seeing people from outside the Illuvium community starting to trickle in? 

We also saw Bitcoin shoot above $21k and Ethereum approach $1600. The ILV-ETH pairing was up over 20% from a recent low under .04. 

I use Coin Market Cap for the pairings and find that the ETH pairing is more helpful as I’ve always bought ILV with ETH. 

Overarching Theme

I think the overarching theme here is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Illuvium has a legitimate game coming soon and the ILV token shows the confidence that the community has in the project. This is a great day for ILV holders, the Illuvium team and the project as a whole. Better days are around the corner and this is a sign that the bear won’t last forever. Innovation in crypto is coming and once again Illuvium is leading the way. 

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