Illuvium Team, Thank You

An open letter to the Illuvium team

In the midst of a crypto bear market one project is still moving mountains. As other NFT factories have shut down for the crypto winter, some never to return, one team in particular is keeping the lights on. This team exemplifies what many hoped and speculated that Web 3 would become. They’ve been tasked with impossible timelines and a rabid fan base constantly searching for more. More leaks, more details and more game play. Through it all the Illuvium team has held strong, unfazed by the pressures that at times can feel like the entire Internet is watching. The echo chamber ringing louder than ever.

A successful Land Sale gives fleeting moments of reprieve before the community looks to what comes next. All the while, this team has put in longer days, made more sacrifices and receives feedback (good or bad) instantly and constantly in this digital age. As a community, it can be easy to forget there’s people behind these projects. Parents went to graduations. Birthdays were celebrated. Anniversaries were had. Life goes on and burn out is real. So thank you, Illuvium team. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. You’ve been a shining light in crypto’s dark days. You’ve shown the proper way to build a game in Web 3 and paved a path for others to follow.

No one said it was easy. Blazing a trail, being first, forging your own path forward is incredibly hard. Just know that there is a community behind you cheering your every step. Illuvium is built different. It’s during these hectic times of building that it can be easy to forget to stop once in a while and take a look around. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the progress.

One wish I’d have for each member of the team is that you can look back fondly on these times ten, twenty, thirty years from now. Remember it as a time of innovation and creativity. Remember the great game that you helped build. How you balance your time now will directly correlate to how you feel about the project in a decade. Know yourself. Know when to push the pedal to the metal and when to take a step back. When the product is out no one will remember the delays. Situations that may seem daunting now will be trivial in hindsight. Find a balance.

The community sentiment, the confidence that we all have picked the right horse has never been higher. This team rewrote the book on Web 3 gaming. Everyone else is scrambling to catch up and likely 2+ years behind. GameStop recognizes that. Traditional brands are desperately looking to enter the space in a meaningful way and Illuvium is providing a quality opportunity that isn’t just smoke and mirrors. You are legitimizing the NFT space every day. You’re setting new standards every day. You are innovating every single day. And for that, we thank you.

Thank You

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