Illuvium Team Heads to London for NFT Event

The Illuvium team is back on the road. This time crisis-crossing the globe to London for NFT NYC’s British-themed showcase, NFT London! Take a look at the Illuvium set up for the conference: 

Illuvium's gaming area at NFT London event.

Similar to the Australian Crypto Conference, we have Private Beta 2 gameplay set up and ready for patrons. On day 1, we also saw Illuvium’s own Ben Nietzche take the stage in a Web 3 Workshop. He did a great job breaking down Web 3 gaming and reiterating that first and foremost the game should be fun. You can find the full video in the Twitter thread below. 

The Marketing Push

It’s great to see the Illuvium team once again representing the brand strong and getting the game out there at major events. They are not holding back and the more events they can get to, the bigger the community will grow. Organic growth is key early on in projects and building out the core user base in this way will bode well for the future of Illuvium. 

Day 2 of the conference is in full swing. More information about the event can be found at nft.London. By all accounts it looks to have been quite a success so far. Shout out to NFT NYC for putting on the event, Immutable X for sponsoring and Illuvium for showcasing their beautiful game. 

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