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We’ve all said it. Wen Atlas plushie? The leaks are flowing in and Illuvium merch is going to be incredible. Better yet, the proceeds from each sale will go to ILV holders, minus costs of course. This will be a major revenue stream and we finally have a enough leaked merch to write a proper article. 


No other way to kick things off than with the plushies. We’ve seen three plushie concepts so far Atlas, Axon and Squizz. 

Atlas plushie from Illuvium.
Axon plushie from Illuvium.
Axon plushie from Illuvium.
Squizz plushie from Illuvium.

I personally like Atlas the best here. Squizz’s eyes may be a little too bloodshot and Axon doesn’t have that cute factor you expect from plushies, but all in all these are looking really cool. 


We saw a keychain merch leak as well. The famed dropbear. This little guy is a mythical creature in Australia known for dropping from trees and attacking unsuspecting people walking below. It is somewhat of a rogue koala. I think it’s safe to say the legend of the dropbear will go international with Illuvium in the mix. Take a look:

Dropbear keychain from Illuvium.
Dropbear keychain from Illuvium.

Cute and freaky looking all in one. I’m a fan of the keychains. 

Comfy Collection

Next we have the comfy collection of slippers and pillows. These are featured by some sweet Tatopee slippers. I for sure want these slippers and I think they will be a best seller. 

Tatopee slippers from Illuvium.

What a cool concept! The pillows are awesome as well. 

Dash and Illuvium logo pillows.
Illuvium logo pillows.

That Rake pillow is legit! In addition, the circular obelisk pillow looks comfy and versatile. 

The Website

We have also seen the website recently updated. Seemingly they are getting ready to launch a merch store. 

A merchandise store section of the Illuvium website.

We can expect Tshirts, hats and much more in this store. Will it be out before Christmas? We don’t know for sure, but for ILV token holders sake I sure hope so. The October Dev Blog from Aaron was just released and we can see a new release timeline. 

The release order from Illuvium's October Dev Blog.

Don’t sleep on the merch store! Illuvium merch is moving along at a steady pace and soon enough my house will full of plushies, pillows and whatever else I can get my hands on. Seeing the merchandise arm of Illuvium being built out in real time is super cool and soon enough the online store will be open for business. 

Thank You

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Everything I write is purely my opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

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