Illuvium Leak: Shard Crafting Gems

Grant Warwick was at it again in discord. Another day, another Illuvium leak. This time we saw a sneak peak of shard crafting. Shards are the pokeballs of the Illuvium world. It appears in order to craft them you will first need to mine these gems: 

A gem you can mine for in Illuvium.
A gem you can mine for in Illuvium.

Rarity of Gems

We don’t know too much yet about this Illuvium leak, but seeing the design of each, you can start to get an idea of how it will work. Different gems have different rarities. For instance, Grant mentioned a Dark Holo gem will be extremely rare. Does this mean you need a dark Holo shard to catch a dark holo Illuvial? It appears that may be the case. 

A gem you can mine for in Illuvium.
A gem you can mine for in Illuvium.

The idea of different rarities on shards brings another aspect to the game. Inevitably, rare gems and shards will fetch a premium in the open market. There will be gem hunters who spend the majority of their time finding and selling gems and shards. In this new world of play and earn, the possibilities are endless. 

A gem you can mine for in Illuvium.
A gem you can mine for in Illuvium.

Continuing the Build

The team continues to build out a fantastic game. Good games take time. There are so many details that go into a game like this and gems is just one small aspect of that. We’re all lucky to have a window into the development process every step of the way. I’ve said this many times now, but few projects give the level of transparency that Illuvium allows. This attitude comes from confidence in their work. We see why every day with beautiful work like these gems. 

A dark holo gem you can mine for in Illuvium.

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