Illuvium Launches Private Beta 2

Illuvium has launched the second version of its survival mode autobattler: Private Beta 2. In this update we have 106 new Illuvials including 31 lynxes. The game mode has completely changed as thousands of updates/fixes were completed by the team in the rollout of PB2. Let’s take a look at the highlights!

Hot keys and Commands

Hotkeys and Commands in Illuvium's Private Beta 2.

For everyone with access here is a helpful guide to navigate PB2 efficiently and effectively. 


The battleboard of Private Beta 2 with augments from Illuvium.

In Private Beta 2 we have the addition of 50 augments. You can now equip Illuvials with different items to power them up. A full list of augments can be found on the Infoluvial website. Augments are purchased using Mastery Points just like Illuvials. This adds an extra layer of game theory to Survival Mode. Another new wrinkle is how Mastery Points effect your overall gameplay. To put it simply, the less points you use the better. If you can get through waves with low Mastery Point usage you are rewarded witha 10% interest bonus of unused Mastery Points for the next wave. 

Hello Wave 40

We also saw the addition of ten more waves of Illuvials in PB2. Unsurprisingly some of our best autobattler players have already reached the limit. Here was an update from TFT Pro Frobei: 

With the added waves we also got the long overdue checkpoint feature! You can now pick up where you left off in increments of 5 waves. I tested this out at both wave 5 and 10 and it worked beautifully. 

Incredible Artwork as Always

A look at PB2 wouldn’t be complete without some in game artwork. Take a look: 

Arlen and Rhamphyre from Illuvium's Private Beta 2.
Rhamphyre attacks in the game Illuvium.
Rhamphyre flies high into the sky to do an aerial attack in Illuvium.
Rhamphyre flies high into the sky to do an aerial attack in Illuvium.

These shots of the mighty Rhamphyre were taken in live gameplay by Illuvium’s marketing lead Andrew Wall. This level of design can be found all over the Illuvium world. This team is truly testing limits of what is capable in Unreal Engine 5. 

Want More?

There is so much to cover in PB2 and my goal here is to do a quick overview of the action. If you want the full rundown of updates I suggest taking a look at the Patch Notes from the Illuvium team. They did a thorough job of explaining everything that went into this update. We are very lucky to get these inside looks into how the game is made. 

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