Illuvium Launches New Illuvitar Page

Illuvium has launched the Illuvitar page of their website and with it there is a ton of new information. Let’s break it down step by step. 

The Product

The 25 different Illuvitars available in series 1.
Series 1

Illuvitars will kick off their first edition series with 25 portraits of different Illuvials. These will be the basis of your avatar. There are 3 variables to consider when thinking about the portrait: expressions, backgrounds and finishes. 

  • Expressions: Each Illuvitar has a normal expression as well as some rarer expressions that are a bit more fun. 
Fliish doing a funny pose as an Illuvitar.
  • Backgrounds: This will be completely random and can vary from common to ascendant. In the above example you can see Illuvium coins falling in the background. 
  • Finishes: Illuvitars will either have a normal finish or a holographic finish similar to Pokémon cards. One can imagine the holos will be highly collectible!

The next portion to consider is accessories! Once an accessory is applied via blockchain transaction it will forever fill that slot on your portrait. Choose wisely! 

The customization page for Illuvitars.

As we can see here, there are 5 accessory slots available: Eyewear, Headwear, Bodywear, Skin and Props. I did a quick customization on the new Illuvitar page to get an idea of what to expect: 

Atlas being customized as an Illuvitar.
The different customization options for Illuvitars.

It was a seamless process. Once again the team has nailed the UX/UI (no surprise there). 

The last piece to consider when building out the perfect Illuvitar is Borders. These will not be available for sale. The only way to get borders is by winning them through in game achievements such as end of season rankings. Borders will be a major statement piece and status symbol. They also will tie directly to an Illuvium account and therefore cannot be traded. However, this is the one piece that can be swapped out from an Illuvitar freely. 

An Alphie Illuvitar with a border from the game Illuvium.
Alphie Illuvitar with border

The Process

There are a few questions still remaining about the process. Mainly we do not have a firm launch date and we don’t know exactly how long the first sale will last or pricing. However, we do know some things. In the sale you will be able to buy both Portrait and Accessory crates. These can be bought in the following tiers: Virtual, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. 

Early indications suggest that Virtual will be a free mint. The next tier Bronze will be .05 eth and the top tier Diamond will be 2.5 eth. These prices are all subject to change and will be decided on by the Illuvinati Council, but this should give you a rough idea. 

Revenue Distribution

100% of the revenue from the sale and subsequent secondary marketplace royalties will go into the Illuvium Vault for Revenue Distribution. This is the beauty of Illuvium and why I am so bullish on the ILV token and the project in general. There’s real utility happening and rewards are given directly back to the community every step of the way. 

Exciting times ahead

So there you have it. We have exciting times ahead for both Illuvitars and the Illuvium project as a whole. It may not feel like it day to day, but things are moving rapidly. This team is working at a breakneck pace to deliver a premiere product in the nascent NFT play to earn space. We all get a front seat to digital history and innovation. We are all a part of Illuvium. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Atlas watching a movie and eating popcorn.

Thank You

As always, thank you for reading my article! You can follow me on Twitter (@Rhamphy) to keep up with the latest Illuvium news, leaks and more.

Everything I write is purely my opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

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