Illuvium is Changing the Game

In multiple ways Illuvium is completely changing the game. The team has chosen to build on the blockchain at a time when the technology is nascent, unproven and unregulated. Illuvium could have been built in a traditional format. It would have been easier. There wouldn’t have been as many moving parts. There’s demand for a game like Illuvium in Web 2. Take out the tokenomics, take out the blockchain all together and what you are left with is a really good concept and potentially an incredible game. Combining the collectable aspect of Pokémon with the competitiveness of an autobattler and we have ourselves quite the game. Make it AAA and we have ourselves the future of gaming. It would have been enough on its own, but that isn’t Illuvium.

Arlen and Axodon standing in Halcyon Sea of Illuvium.

Born on the Blockchain

Illuvium was born on the blockchain. It’s womb was Web 3. The game was always going to be a “Fight for Eth” where in-game assets can be bought and sold. The masses have no idea what is coming. The minority cannot wait. Man oh man, this shift cannot happen soon enough. Illuvium will bring legitimacy to this space in ways no other project could before it. For the first time, we have actual long term utility. There’s an opportunity for anyone in the world to invest in a start up gaming studio on ground zero. It’s a beautiful beautiful risk. We will all share in the success or failure of the project. I personally couldn’t be more confident.

An Axodon Illuvitar posing with sunglasses and a cigarette.

Unprecedented Path

As we continue down this unprecedented path, what comes next? The way I see it we still have a ways to go. The immediate future most likely involves everyone you know thinking your crazy. People getting tired of hearing you talk about crypto and Illuvium in particular. Eventually, however, a shift will happen. People will start asking you about Illuvium instead of you bringing the topic to the forefront. The interest will grow as the game picks up steam. Naturally, people are curious about crypto and once someone pulls back the curtain and gets past the initial thought of a scam, there is a lot to be curious about. We are so early. Adoption is coming. A new age in gaming is coming. Illuvium is coming. 

Thankfully, Illuvium is coming to set the record straight on the potential of crypto gaming. We need a win right now and this brand, this team, this legitimate gaming studio is the best representation of decentralized gaming that one could ask for. Illuvium is changing the game. The tide is turning and soon the world will see that there is no going back.

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