Illuvium Gameplay: A Look at the Cave Paintings in the Overworld

Last week Grant leaked an Illuvium gameplay video of the Crimson Waste region. During that time we saw numerous cave paintings of different Illuvials. Let’s go through them one by one. 

Illuvium's overworld with Arlen using her jetpack and a cave painting of Monkier, Aapon and Grilla.
Monkier, Aapon and Grilla
The Apes

The Illuvium gameplay video started in Sanctum Mesa where Arlen teleported to Crimson Waste. She was greeted to the new region by 3 cave paintings on the wall. Upon closer look, they appear to be the 3 ape Illuvials in the game, each one inspired by a Warwick brother. Monkier, Aapon and Grilla make their first appearance in live gameplay in this video and it’s pretty cool to have them show up as Arlen starts her journey through the Crimson Waste region. Monkier is a fighter type, Aapon is a rogue type and Grilla is an empath. 

Concept art of the Illuvial Monkier.
Concept art of the Illuvial Aapon.
Concept art of the Illuvial Grilla.
Polar Bear?

Next up we see some sort of bear. Possibly from the polar bear family yet to be released, but it’s hard to say exactly. Take a look:

Illuvium's overworld with Arlen aiming her gun at a cave painting of a bear illuvial.
Illuvium's overworld with Arlen running towards an illuminated cave painting of a bear illuvial.

When you shoot the paintings they illuminate, which is another fun wrinkle in the game that helps bring the Illuvium world to life. Here’s what it may be similar to:

A stage 1 polar bear type Illuvial.
A stage 2 polar bear type Illuvial.

Next in the video we see a dropbear! This is an homage to Australia, which is where Illuvium began. Dropbear is a mythical Australian creature, similar to a koala, but it drops out of trees and attacks unsuspecting people and animals walking below. Take a look:

Arlen looking at a dropbear illuvial cave painting in Illuvium's Overworld.

The cave painting even makes it look like it’s dropping in from above. Pretty cool artwork by the Illuvium team. 

Fox Illuvial

Moving on we have an interesting cave painting that is partially hidden. It’s an elaborate drawing that unmistakably has the tail from stage 3 of Illuvium’s fox line. Take a look at the two: 

Arlen jumping up to see the fox illuvial cave painting in Illuvium's Overworld.
The fox illuvial unfinished from Illuvium.

Lastly, we have the classic Tatopee, Teeantee and Seeforus evolution chart. These three are staples in the autobattler already and known for their high powered offensive moves. 

Arlen and mozart look towards a cave painting of all 3 Seeforus stages in Illuvium's overworld.

They also look really cool when they light up! 

That was everything I could find in the Overworld video. It will be interesting to see how these beautiful pieces of art play into the game. Are they just helpful hints and an homage to the Illuvials or is there something more? With private beta 2 sign ups underway and Overworld gameplay slated to be released in PB2 we will know soon enough! 

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